December 13, 2022

Streetwear’s Unquestionable Holiday Must-Haves

Nick Matthies

Nick Matthies is a Content Manager at StockX.

Featuring Apparel & Accessories From Supreme, Fear of God Essentials & Chrome Hearts

Featuring Apparel & Accessories From Supreme, Fear of God Essentials & Chrome Hearts

It is officially crunch time for the holiday gift giving season. If you haven’t gotten gifts for your loved ones, now is the time to do so. Thankfully, we’ve got you pretty much covered here at StockX, with an expansive catalog that has something for everyone. Aside from sneakers, apparel is the next most popular category on the site and under that umbrella, the most sought after pieces generally come from the streetwear variety. For those looking to grab a thoughtful last minute gift for the streetwear lover in your life, have no fear. We’ve gathered up the best pieces from the best brands, so all you have to do is hit the Buy Now button.

Supreme Apparel

Supreme’s Fall/Winter 2022 season officially comes to a close in just a few more weeks, but so far, there have been plenty of heaters to keep us occupied. As most avid Supreme fans will already be aware of, Fall/Winter 2022 was the first full season overseen by the brand’s new creative director, Tremaine Emory, and he immediately made his presence known. Through his own personal relationships, Emory has brought superstar names into the Supreme fold once again, tapping A$AP Nast for a campaign and André 3000 for what will likely be the season’s most popular piece, the André 3000 T-shirt. The shirt delivers an André 3000- version of one of Supreme’s most well-known repeating apparel pieces, the Photo T-shirt. 

Other significant releases from the brand included their recent collaboration with The North Face, the seasonal release of Fall/Winter Box Logos, and a commemorative Supreme Box Logo T-shirt for the opening of the brand’s Chicago brick and mortar store. 

Supreme Accessories

One of the most interesting and accessible pieces of the Supreme story is their propensity to create interesting and out-of-the-box accessories. From bags to gumball machines, and watches to cookie jars, the brand isn’t shy about putting their bright red Box Logo on anything they think is cool or amusing. This season’s must-have accessory comes in the form of a three way collaborative watch, officially released on Black Friday with The North Face and G-SHOCK.

Additionally, Supreme’s branded bags, which release throughout the season but primarily in week 1, have also been popular.

Fear of God Essentials Apparel

If you’re not familiar with Fear of God Essentials, you may want to change that. The Jerry Lorenzo-founded brand delivers a luxury silhouette at an affordable price without sacrificing on true quality. Linked closely to the official luxury brand, Fear of God, Essentials provides boxy, oversized apparel that’s almost always minimal and available in earthy tones. Their Seafoam colored hoodie has been a part of a rare but more recently regular deviation from an earth-tone heavy palette. Hopefully next year we’ll see more greens. 

With beige looking to be a big color next year, Essentials is going to be the brand to get your essentials from.

Fear of God Essentials Accessories

As far as accessories go, Fear of God and Essentials tend to deliver what you’d expect: a highly refined take on the piece in question. Their popular New Era Fitted Hats nearly always sell out and the colorways and materials they’re released in are absolutely to die for. 

Fear of God has also delivered sunglasses in the past which can be shopped on StockX for below their original retail prices. 

Chrome Hearts Apparel

Chrome Hearts has been a staple in the luxury apparel and accessories industry for decades. Founded in a garage by Richard Stark and John Baumann in 1983, the brand exploded in the late 1980s and maintained their celebrity prowess through the 1990s. Traditionally, they’ve been known for their custom-made quality leather goods but in recent years, they’ve added more accessible apparel like t-shirts, hoodies, and denim to their catalog. As one of the most popular and coveted brands in the world, a Chrome Hearts Hoodie or T-shirt is sure to make your streetwear-loving loved one’s holiday.

Chrome Hearts Accessories

Well known as they are for their custom leather goods and cross-covered denim, some of Chrome Hearts’ most popular pieces are their headwear. Be it beanies with embroidered branding or Sterling Silver adorned trucker hats with obscenities on them, the Chrome Hearts hat is no joke. StockX offers most of Chrome Hearts’ recent styles so look around and grab your giftee their new favorite hat this holiday season.