Apparel - October 19, 2017

Supreme Data Recap - First 24 Hours

Jesse Einhorn

Senior Economist at StockX

On Tuesday morning, StockX launched our brand new streetwear vertical, featuring clothing and accessories from Supreme. Since the launch, we’ve seen a massive wave of trading activity: 375 unique products were sold at least once, with some of the most popular items changing hands dozens of times. Here are some key data insights from the first 24 hours of trading activity….

Measured in terms of individual sales, the red Lock Box proved the popular item by far, with 89 sales in the first 24 hours alone. The two Scarface Split Tees placed 2nd and 3rd, with the White Tee version edging the Black Tee by the slimmest of margins.

Measured by total dollars spent, however, the Brooklyn Box Logo Tee, with an average price of nearly $800, dominated the market, with buyers shelling out close to $25,000 in just one day of trading. The Lock Box, which sold for a relatively inexpensive $103, placed second by virtue of its prodigious trade volume, while the black Nas Tee, with an average price of $283, placed 3rd in total dollars spent.

These days, Supreme products are more like financial investments than consumer goods. For items from the most recent (Fall/Winter) season, we calculated the leading price premiums- that is, the biggest margins between retail and resale prices:

Here again, the Brooklyn Box Logo Tee lead the pack, and it wasn’t even close. With a retail price of just $54 and a resale price of $787, this simple t-shirt boasted an eye-popping price premium of $733. Just think: by reselling twenty Brooklyn Box Logo t-shirts, you could buy yourself a pretty decent new car!

The product with the second highest price premium was the yellow camo Warm Up Pant, with an average resale price ($550) that was $422 higher than it’s retail price ($128). The magenta Stone Island Sweatpant, which retailed for $260 but resold on StockX for $650, claimed the 3rd highest price premium of $390.

The bottom line: Supreme makes extremely popular products, and extremely profitable investments. We leave you with this fun fact:

So far, over 60 people on StockX have chosen the latter.