Apparel - December 16, 2021

The Best Supreme Fleeces

Pete Forester

Pete is a writer, host, and producer based in New York City. He is the Editorial Director of StockX.

Flex in fleece with the best fleece jackets that Supreme has ever released - and that are available right now on StockX.

Flex in fleece with the best fleece jackets that Supreme has ever released - and that are available right now on StockX.

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You might expect a list of the best fleeces from Supreme to be full exclusively of jackets from their long-time collaboration with The North Face, but some of the bests fleeces Supreme has ever made have been on their own. As a material, fleece makes for the perfect layer to brave all the harshest elements – it’s warm, stretchy, and largely water-resistant. But the material has its limitations making it a challenge to use on truly sophisticated pieces. But in all the years that’s Supreme’s been around, they’ve come up with incredible and unique ways to use fleece resulting in some of our favorite Supreme pieces ever. These are the best Supreme fleeces around.

Supreme x The North Face Expedition Fleece Jacket

The ongoing partnership between The North Face and Supreme has pumped out bangers since the beginning. Each year, the pair teams up for a number of highly anticipated releases that have resulted in some of the best Supreme jackets and fleeces ever, including this Expedition Fleece Jacket. The fleece earns its usage of “Expedition” as its double thickness holds the heat in, GORE-TEX and Cordura chest panels keep the moisture out, and the bright white fleece helps you blend in with a winter wonderland. The jacket came in two other colorways, but this is the best one. Trust.

Supreme x The North Face Steep Tech Fleece Jacket

If you were suspicious of the Supreme x The North Face collection from week 9 of Fall Winter 2021, you wouldn’t be alone. Even in most pictures, the cacophony of multicolored logomarks on Steep Tech and fleece was a lot. But in person, it’s a whole different story. The North Face’s sparing use of white on outdoor clothing serves a utilitarian function: white clothes get dirty fast, especially rugged outerwear that’s constantly facing the elements. That rare use makes white The North Face pieces like this Fleece Jacket stand out even more. The bright base makes the colors pop resulting in a cozy but wearable jacket.

Supreme x The North Face Bleached Denim Print Fleece Jacket

The latest addition to the Supreme x The North Face Fleece Family is this Supreme x The North Face Bleached Denim Print Fleece Jacket. Modeled off of the color variation of bleached denim, this jacket’s inspiration is deeply baked enough that it results in a kind of abstract camouflage, an arguably much more wearable look than bleached denim these days (although Supreme has made some pretty amazing bleached denim pieces in the past). Two colorways of this jacket dropped from Supreme, Black and Indigo, but the release was surprisingly not a bruiser – the collaborative pair made enough of the jackets that most fans were able to pick them up on the day. If you missed out, now’s the perfect time to grab it.

Supreme Reversible Colorblocked Fleece Jacket

While every Supreme x The North Face release draws huge amounts of well-earned attention, some of the best fleeces that Supreme has ever made were done without a collaborator. The Supreme Reversible Colorblocked Fleece Jacket certainly isn’t a collaboration, but you’d be forgiven if you thought it was. The entire design, especially in the Red colorway, is done up to look like a Mondrian painting, a reference that will be caught by even the least sophisticated among us. The other colorway, Purple, doesn’t hit the reference as hard but they’re both worth a look.

Supreme Saint Michael Fleece Jacket

Supreme’s placement in the streetwear scene means that they’re fully connected to the culture and draw a ton of inspiration from the art world, and not just from Mondrian. This April Fool’s Day release from earlier this year took guidance from a stained glass window featuring Saint Michael in full angelic flory. We’re not going to lie: this is a very busy piece to stare at for extended periods of time. But the jacket wins points if for no other reason than the incredible feat of taking such a complex image and portraying it perfectly in polar fleece.

Supreme Wolf Fleece Jacket

The dream of the 90s is alive in streetwear, and while the return of stonewashed baggy denim and middle part hairstyles really ramped up this year, the Supreme Wolf Fleece Jacket was a portend of things to come. The Spring Summer 2019 fleece jacket features a whole pack of wolves chilling in the grass with a Supreme logomark splashed across the darkening sky. The jacket released in a few colors, but the Black version really pinpoints that photorealistic illustrative graphic tee vibe that was so strong in the 90s.

Supreme Reversible Logo Fleece Jacket

It seems like new Supreme logomarks appear all the time, but just as often as not, they’re underutilized designs that are resurfaced for special occasions. While the Supreme Reversible Logo Fleece Jacket’s logo mark isn’t immediately obvious, the combination of sans serif font with the brand’s favorite colors (black, red, white) makes the utility on this jacket immediately recognizable without being overworked. When it comes to repping Supreme, this jacket is about as obvious as you can get without employing the Box Logo. But a Box Logo fleece might be too obvious.


Supreme Leopard Fleece Reversible Jacket

In the early fall of 2017, Supreme released a number of pieces in white, red, and yellow leopard print fleece, but the hero of the entire collection was this Supreme Leopard Fleece Reversible Jacket. There’s a distinct irony in making a fleece leopard print jacket reversible since anyone who is wearing leopard print fleece isn’t aiming for an understated look, but once the jacket’s reversed it turns into a pretty standard black nylon jacket. Thanks to the reversibility, this jacket is much more versatile than it has any right to be, making it a great investment piece: you can wear this with anything as long as you’re careful about which side you show to the public. (That’s just solid advice for life, too.)

Supreme Leopard Fleece Waist Bag

There’s more to fleece than jackets, and Supreme proves that season after season bringing the warm and cozy to other pieces. This Waist Bag (a.k.a. fanny pack) uses the same leopard fleece as the Reversible Jacket already featured but makes it an accessory hit of leopard rather than a whole look. If you’re down with the cozy vibes but don’t want to make it your determinate style of the day, this bag (or this one!) might provide the exact amount of balance you’re looking for.