February 12, 2014

The Shoe Game hasn't done anything to make this right

This won’t be nearly as long.  Promise.

Yesterday we posted “The Shoe Game is trying (poorly) to steal our website.”  I was literally sick to my stomach before pressing “publish”, not wanting to start a public feud and seem petty.

The reaction from the sneaker community was unbelievable.  I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for the support.  It was almost unanimous (to be discussed below) that Alex from TSG was 100% wrong and we were 100% justified in calling him out.

You can read the comments on the post itself, but here are a few of many tweets we received:

  • @AndyOliverWpg@campless That’s pretty dirty. The good news is that you’ll win long term though by creating original content. It’s well noticed.
  • @gwarizm@Campless Love both the information and quality of writing on the site. Salutes!
  • @impalass96: @campless your data is on another level!!! Props on the dedication and hard work. I signed up with your E-Newsletter
  • @IcecoldkicksMuch respect to @Campless and everything they do. Lot if hard work going into their data.
  • @wattznext@Campless Love your blog guys. Such an intelligent and unique take on the community. Don’t let this bullshit get you down.

And my favorite:  @11zForLife@Campless Don’t blame the Nacho’s Keep up the good work. im impressed and just started following dropped @ TSG tho…

It goes on like that.  Everyone coming to our unconditional defense.  Well, almost everyone.

Here are the reactions from the other characters in my Shakespearean tale of sneaker integrity:

  • Complex sneaker editor Gerald (@ImGeraLd) immediately contacted me, offered a complete and absolute apology and removed the Complex article linking to the TSG price guide post.  Well done.
  • Alex (@FootSole_ja) hasn’t made a sound.  Not surprisingly.
  • Gerard Smith (@GRocSmith), founder and owner of TheShoeGame, stepped up immediately with an apology (props) but quickly tempered it by trying to defend Alex.  He wrote: “The site was sourced and given credit. I understand with some of the things mentioned. However, anyone who read either post saw the source of the data. Alex never meant to mislead readers. He was just sharing the info.”
  • Gerard asked if I wanted to hop on a call.  I replied, “. . . if there’s anything to “discuss” on phone beside complete mea culpa, no need I’ve made every one of my points in the article.”  That was 11 19 hours ago and I haven’t heard from him since.
  • It’s been 12 20 hours since I posted the article and both TSG articles are still up!!  Not even any changes.  To the several people who told me that Gerard is a good dude and will make this right . . . I’m still waiting.

I’m not quite sure what else I have to do to get TheShoeGame to make this right.  Was my previous post not long enough?  Not detailed enough?  Not screenshot-y enough?

Oh, wait a minute, I know what it is.

In re-reading my article, I notice now that I forgot to include one key data point:  I’m also a lawyer.  Gerard, please don’t make me sue you.  Seriously.

Let’s make this right ASAP so we can get back to counting Yeezys.

Read the conclusion here.