Selling - August 25, 2021

How To Lower Seller Fees on StockX

Sam Aprile

Sam is a Product Marketing Manager @ StockX

If you’re looking to sell the hottest sneakers, streetwear, collectibles, electronics, trading cards, accessories and more, then you’ve come to the right place. Selling on StockX is simple and easy, giving you the opportunity to lower your seller fees and control how much you make on each sale. Read on to learn how our seller fees work and how you can lower seller fees on StockX. 


StockX Seller Levels

The more you sell on StockX, the lower your fees will be. We have put together clear standards for how to lower seller fees on StockX through good performance, so you are rewarded for more activity. 

There are five seller levels on StockX, and your seller level is determined by the quantity of your sales activity (e.g. the number of sales completed OR the total value of sales in USD). Your seller level will reset at the end of each calendar quarter. 

If you’re selling on StockX for the first time, you’ll start out at Seller Level 1 with a transaction fee of 10.0%. By selling 3 items or selling a total of $500 in gross merchandise value in a calendar quarter, you can achieve a lower seller fee. You can level up and earn a lower seller fee at any point once you meet the sales requirements for the next level. You will get your lower seller fee immediately and the benefits will last for the current calendar quarter and the following calendar quarter.  

Below are full details on seller levels and how to lower seller fees on StockX by selling more. Note that sellers will pay an additional 3.0% processing fee on all sales as well. 

An Example of How To Lower Seller Fees on StockX by Selling More

Sam creates a StockX account on April 2, and since he’s new to StockX, he starts out in Seller Level 1 with a seller fee of 10.0%. 

Sam sells 7 items for $2200 on April 15. The items were Verified Authentic by StockX and received his payout on April 18. That day, Sam receives a notification that he has achieved Seller Level 3 status. His seller fee is now 9.0%. 

Sam continues to sell during April and May. On May 25, Sam received his payout for his 23rd item of the quarter, putting the total value of his items sold at $5010. At that time, Sam becomes a Level 4 seller with a seller fee of 8.5% and he retains those benefits for the rest of calendar quarter 2 and all of calendar quarter 3. 

Sam decides to spend the next few months on an island and doesn’t sell anything during quarter 3. He drops down to Seller Level 1 on October 1st (aka the start of quarter 4), with a seller fee of 10%. Although Sam is back where he started after not selling for a few months, he now knows how to lower seller fees on StockX and plans to sell again when he returns home. 

How to  Lower Seller Fees Through Great Performance

Sellers in Level 4 and 5 can qualify for an additional 2.0% off their seller fees by adhering to performance standards that benefits the overall marketplace. 

  • Quick Ship Bonus: Ship at least 60% of sales in a given month within 36 hours of sale and earn an additional 1.0% off seller fees for the next month.
  • Successful Ship Bonus: Ship at least 95% of sales in a given month on time to earn an additional 1.0% off seller fees for the next month.

Sellers can earn one or both of these Bonuses. Eligibility is determined at the beginning of each month based on your performance during the prior month and benefits extend for the entirety of the month. If you don’t achieve either Bonus, try again next month.

We hope you found this article helpful on how to lower seller fees when selling on our platform. Now go out and get selling!