March 30, 2023

How To Style adidas Sambas for Spring

Chloe Parr

Chloe is a Content Creator, Creative Strategist + Fashion Writer

Five perfect pairings for the sleek and sporty sneaker

Five perfect pairings for the sleek and sporty sneaker

Sneakers are just like fashion trends. Some don’t hit as hard as you hoped. Some make a major impact but only for a fleeting moment. And the special group stands the test of time, becoming a classic you can always count on. This last category belongs to the Jordan 1, the Nike Dunk, the Converse All Star Chuck Taylor, and the adidas Samba.

The adidas Samba has been around and immensely popular for over 74 years. What started as an indoor training shoe has now become the brand’s second highest selling silhouette of all time–on and off the field. So it’s safe to say this iconic soccer shoe will always be a trusted style in your collection even after the current Samba-mania has cooled off. The older the classics get, the more retro they feel, and therefore the cooler they look. 

The key to keeping the Samba timeless yet current is to style them in ways that not only fit in your personal wardrobe, but also tap into modern trends. For the StockX Spring Lookbook campaign, we showcased just how versatile the adidas Samba silhouette is for any and all vibes and occasions. So whether you’re styling everyday fits, trying to dress up, or looking to tap into your team spirit, keep on scrolling for a look at 5 fresh ways to style the adidas Samba this spring.

The Elevated Basics

The beauty of the adidas Samba is that it’s a timeless trainer that can go with just about anything. You can dress them up, down, or really tap into the football frenzy with a head-to-toe Blokecore fit. But the best part about this shoe is that it gives you just the right touch of retro that elevates your basics into the world of the fashion-forward.

For a sophisticated everyday look, we recommend the Samba OG style that has a shorter tongue than the traditional iteration. The low cut and slim fit of the OG elevate any back to basics look. Pair your Samba with a pair of baggy jeans for a relaxed, effortless vibe. Lastly, protect yourself from spring’s many weather mood swings by layering up. The Stussy Shaggy Cardigan takes a traditional knitwear staple and edges it up in a soft fuzzy fabric. The eggplant shade also acts as an updated neutral, leveling up your casual look to fashionable new heights. 

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All Dressed Up

You wouldn’t typically think of the adidas Samba as a “going out” shoe. But styled the right way, the minimalist design and slim line of the Samba is the ideal sneaker silhouette for taking your look from day to night. 

Whether you’re headed to dinner with friends or getting all dressed up with nowhere to go (fully support), the key to styling the Samba for a night out is choosing smart pairings. We recommend going with the adidas Samba Vegan in Black Gum. The dark colorway with the gray toe box gives the sneaker a more nighttime feel but still looks sporty and cool. Swap out your usual go-to denim with a tailored trouser. The polished fit of the pant will offset the more casual style of the sneaker. Next, pair the trouser with a crop top to add some personality to the look, like the Prada Re-Nylon Top. This thicker nylon fabric makes the more revealing bandeau style still look sleek and sophisticated. Finish off the look with an oversized blazer to pull it all together and warm you up when the temperatures drop at night.

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Team Spirit

Football kits, baggy denim, and adidas Sambas may have started with British soccer fans in the ‘70s and ‘80s, but the look hit the global stage last year as the World Cup dominated the cultural conversation. But just because the World Cup is over, doesn’t mean we have to put away the jerseys. 

To make Blokecore feel fresh again, incorporate soccer-inspired elements but add classic layering pieces to make it your own. We recommend trading out your classic Samba OG with a retro-inspired style like the adidas x Wales Bonner Samba in Cream Green. The collaborative version of the sneaker will give your look a more high-fashion feel. Instead of pairing your Sambas with a team jersey, try swapping it out for a soccer-inspired silhouette in a retro color palette like the adidas x Wales Bonner Football Jersey or adidas x Wales Bonner Lovers Track Top. If you can’t leave your team behind, StockX also has a lot of different team jerseys to choose from (Messi fans where you at). The soccer-inspired styles mixed in with classic staples will make you look part of the play but not literally on the pitch. 

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Pop of Color

From the runways to new spring collections, it’s clear that the fashion world wants to head back to the basics with classic silhouettes, timeless tailoring, and elevated simplicity. But simple doesn’t have to mean boring. Incorporating color is an easy way to add personality and versatility to your go-to basics. 

Colorful footwear is having a moment right now, with trendsetters adding pops of color to their neutral looks with bright sneaker choices. Lucky for all of us, the adidas Samba has a variety of colorways to choose from that will add a touch of brilliance to an everyday fit. A top choice is the Wales Bonner x adidas Samba in Red White. The elevated collaboration features a fiery orange red hue matched with retro-inspired cream stitch detailing and laces that blend the two shades. The bold color pop gives your everyday looks the extra amount of fire it needs. Make sure to keep the rest of your look neutral to let the Sambas have their moment.  

Casually Cool

What makes the adidas Samba so popular with the street style crowd is that it’s not only a timeless silhouette; it’s also comfortable and easy to style. That’s why fashion icons like Emma Chamberlain and Frank Ocean can’t seem to stop wearing the three stripes. They make any outfit look instantly effortless, creating the cool casual look that everyone tries so hard (sometimes too hard) to achieve. 

To create that envied “I just threw this on” type of look, it’s all about mixing and matching the right pieces and fits with your Sambas. Start with an oversized fit on the bottom to get that casual aesthetic. We recommend a baggy low-rise jean or cargo pant in a neutral color. Next pair the pant staple with a trendier style on top. Whether it’s the popular layered up t-shirt look inspired by Miu Miu, sheer fabrics, or strapless tops, a modern silhouette will give your look the low-key touch of cool it needs. The Jacqumeus La Maille Luca Top has that popular tube top cut, but the knitwear fabric instantly makes it feel not too try-hard. Top off your look with a vintage leather jacket and adidas Samba of choice. 

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