How To Submit Your Product Photos

Everything you need to know about how to take and upload your photos to StockX.
How To Submit Your Product Photos

When you’re shopping our catalog, you may notice some listings are missing images. That’s where you come in! With your photo submissions, we continually add images to our product catalog to make the shopping experience better for buyers and sellers alike.

Have a photo of an item? Follow the instructions below:

1.Click the “Upload Image” button on the product page

photo uploader 1


2. Make sure your photo meets the guidelines listed. Drag the file to the upload bar or click the button to search your files. Then check the box, and click submit.

photo uploader 2


3. Upon successful submission of your photo, you’ll see this screen:

That’s it! We’ll take care of the rest.


Here are the full guidelines for each type of product, with examples of ACCEPTABLE product images:

Jackets & Hoodies

  • Sleeves should be laying flat at sides with excess fabric folded behind the body
  • Hood should be folded half way, with neck tag visible
  • There should be a small gap between the sleeve cuffs and body on each side
  • Drawstrings should be showing (if applicable)
  • Garment should be fully zipped (if applicable)


supreme cdg hoodie


  • Shirt should be laid fully flat on white surface with no folds
  • Neck tags should not be retouched or edited
  • Long sleeve tees should be treated the same as a hoodie or jacket

supreme bedroom tee



  • Cap should be stuffed/propped up to give “body” to the bowl of the cap
  • Item should be shot on approx. 45 degree angle to the left
  • Beanies should be laid flat with no folds

supreme military camo camp cap


  • All bottoms should be laid fully flat on a white surface with no folds

supreme dragon work pant



  • Varies based on item – use your best judgement
  • All accessories should be shot without any packaging when possible

supreme Lucano step ladder


  • Varies based on bag type (check out our our listings here for more examples)
  • Bag should be stuffed to show what the bag looks like when full

supreme ss18 tan waist bag

Skate Decks

  • All decks should be shot vertically
  • Only the bottom of deck needs to be shot
  • Decks with horizontal type should have the text facing to the left (as seen below)

supreme deck


Here are some examples of UNACCEPTABLE images:

Item not pictured on a white background

dark background


Item is pictured on a hanger

item on hanger

Item is not laid flat on the floor & not fully visible

not folded correctly

Item is pictured with shopping bags, stickers, and/or in packaging

Item has sleeves crossed and tags are covered

sleeves crossed tag hidden

Neck tags have been retouched, edited, or removed

no tags

Hat is shot facing the wrong direction

hat wrong direction

Skate deck is shot horizontally


Have further questions? Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll help you out.

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