June 2, 2022

Telfar Bags for Grads

Kevin Kosanovich

Kevin holds a Ph.D. in American studies and is an expert in American cultural history and hip-hop. He is the Senior Content Manager at StockX.

Telfar offers a range of bags to celebrate a milestone moment with a statement piece.

Telfar offers a range of bags to celebrate a milestone moment with a statement piece.

Graduation is a moment suffused with excitement and anticipation for the future. It’s a time to look back and look ahead – a literal and figurative moment of taking stock and moving forward. A Telfar bag is the right mix of function and fashion to help the new grad carry everything needed for their next chapter. From the now-iconic Shopping Bag in various sizes and colors, to a Circle Bag and several standout collaborations, these bags will have the new grad ready for what’s next.

Telfar Shopping Bag Small Red

Graduation is an important moment to take a beat and reflect on all the hard work and grit needed to earn your diploma. It’s also an opportunity to go out and celebrate. The Telfar Shopping Bag Small Red is ideal for wearing while going out during graduation season. It’s the right size to hold all your belongings without being bulky and bright enough to make a statement. And with Telfar continuing to grow in popularity and demand, you’ll be able to wear this bag for graduation seasons to come.

Telfar Round Circle Bag Black

Although no longer a staple of everyone’s graduation experience, the image of crossing a stage and receiving your diploma during graduation endures in popular culture. Similarly, the Telfar Round Circle Bag made its debut crossing the runway during Telfar’s New York Fashion Week. This sculptural unisex bag is a graduated departure from Telfar’s shopping bag with a double-sided embossed logo handle, zip closure on the main body, and two small hidden interior compartments. When you take the next step and cross the next stage, make sure you bring a great bag.     

Telfar Shopping Bag Small Pool Blue

Stand out with a statement piece with the Telfar Shopping Bag Small Pool Blue. Complete with the now-classic embossed Telfar logo, this bag can be worn over the shoulder or in hand. Post-graduation, the sky’s the limit, and you can capture and keep that feeling every time you carry this beautiful blue bag.

Telfar x UGG Shopping Bag Small Chestnut

Part of any accomplishment is the ability to find success in unexpected places. Take the Telfar x UGG collab – an unlikely partnership that was an instant hit. Grab the Telfar x UGG Shopping Bag Small Chestnut and celebrate the unexpected flashes of brilliance that propel us to succeed.  

Telfar x Eastpak Shopper Medium Black

Just because you’ve graduated doesn’t mean your connection with your school or that part of your life ends – they continue to shape your post-graduate journey. The Telfar x Eastpak Shopper adds an elevated look to Eastpak’s legacy of book bags and backpacks. This reimagined version of the original Telfar Shopper is made of polyester and comes equipped with hand straps, a shoulder strap, or back straps. The Telfar x Eastpak lets you carry everything you need for your next milestone and beyond.   

Telfar Shopping Bag Medium Chocolate

As every history grad knows, the Olmec first manufactured chocolate over 4,000 years ago. It has been a reliable gift for any type of celebration – and that’s just as true today. Let’s keep the chocolate this year but skip the calories with the Telfar Shopping Bag Medium Chocolate. This delicious-looking bag in rich, Chocolate vegan leather will give the grad – and everyone else – a frisson of decadence without the guilt. 

Telfar x Moose Knuckles Quilted Nylon Shopper Tote Large Black

The Telfar x Moose Knuckles Shopper is a statement bag that gestures to bigger and bolder things on the horizon. This quilted nylon update of Telfar’s signature bag anchored Telfar’s first-ever outerwear collection made in collaboration with the Canadian brand. Grab the graduated version of the shopper to celebrate the grad in your life.