October 17, 2022

Jamad Fiin: Be You, Be Great | Shop the Look

Elhadji Mare

Elhadji Is a Content Manager and Copywriter @ StockX

Shop Jamad Fiin's look from her and Paige Bueckers' recent court unveiling in Minnesota.

Shop Jamad Fiin's look from her and Paige Bueckers' recent court unveiling in Minnesota.

At the beginning of October, StockX and our latest ambassadors, college basketball stars Paige Bueckers and Jamad Fiin, came together to officially unveil a new community basketball court in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. In partnership with Project Backboard, a non-profit organization set to beautify and rework courts, the court was revitalized with a fresh design with newly added baskets and backboards. The court is covered in vibrant colors that bring an instant pop of color to the greenery of the park. With both Jamad and Paige’s signatures on each side of the court and the phrase “Be You. Be Great.” in the center, the court is a representation of both of their values in life, their passion for the game of basketball, and what they hope to instill in future athletes that they mentor.

Jamad Fiin joined StockX earlier this year as one of the brand’s ambassadors. Since proving her basketball handling skills for both her school’s team, Emmanuel College, and on social media, Jamad has become an inspiration and an influential figure in empowering young women athletes. With her influence and basketball acumen, she has cultivated basketball camps across the country to assist athletes in enhancing their skillset within a safe space. This collaborative court is just the stepping stone to creating environments for young athletes to grow their skills/

Jamad Fiin’s fit was just as colorful as the new court itself, further representing how the court lines up with her bright and outspoken personality. ​​Shop Jamad’s “Be You. Be Great.” Community Court Looks below.

Supreme Gonz Map Work Jacket

In a similar fashion to Jamad’s top is this Supreme Gonz Map Work Jacket. This piece from Supreme’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection was in collaboration with artist and skateboarder Mark Gonzales, and features a topographic map of France printed on denim. Its intricate design makes a great head-turning piece that is sure to up your off-court fits.

Supreme Cargo Pant Pant (SS22)

For those looking to rock pants similar to Jamad’s pair, look no further than these cargos courtesy of Supreme. This past Spring/Summer season, the skateboard brand ushered in a new selection of cargos, this time adding a trim of camo to the pockets. The safety orange colorway is one of streetwear’s most trending colors, which gives these pants an extra cool factor.

Nike x Olivia Kim Hoodie

Similar to Jamad’s Jordan hoodie is this black crewneck from Nike and frequent collaborator/deisgner, Olivia Kim. Alongside her multiple Nike and Jordan Brand footwear designs, Oliva Kim dropped this pre-washed and thick black hoodie. Its semi-oversized fit makes it a perfect fall hoodie for those looking to stay warm and stylish.

Women’s Jordan 1 Mid Split Black White

Another piece that Jamad can be seen in is this pair of Jordan 1 Mids. This pair in particular turns the casual, everyday black and white sneaker on its head with a split design on each shoe, almost like a ying-yang effect. These Jordan 1 Mids are eye-catching and are worthy of attention, as the split design makes it seem as though one is wearing two different shoes at once.

Nike x sacai Women’s Skirt

For one of her on-court fits, Jamad sports this unique skirt from Nike and sacai. The two brands came together in 2019 and created this unforgettable women’s skirt. This piece is made from vintage Nike windbreakers and features sacai’s signature eye for the unusual, layering each jacket as if it were tied around one’s waist. The result is a fun, sporty skirt that is sure to turn heads. The black and university gold color scheme gives this skirt a bold look that is perfect for standing out from the crowd.