August 26, 2022

Matt Gondek Art Talks

Kevin Kosanovich

Kevin holds a Ph.D. in American studies and is an expert in American cultural history and hip-hop. He is the Senior Content Manager at StockX.

Deconstructive pop artist Matt Gondek will lead the fourth edition of Yorkville Murals art talks, presented by StockX, on August 27th and 28th from 12:00 – 1:30 PM EST. These talks,  featuring a panel of artists from this year’s festival, offer the unvarnished truth about what it takes to make a career in art.

Can’t make it to Toronto, never fear. We have the Livestream links below


August 27

August 28

Scheduled Panelists

Fidia Falaschetti

Fidia Falaschetti explores ideas of commercialism, consumerism, pop culture, and globalization through multi-media pieces. His work is at once satirical and playful, confronting viewers to think about how, what, and why they consume.

Julia Mercanti

Julia Mercanti is a Canadian creative and artist based out of Toronto. She’s most known for her cheeky illustrations and observational art.

Sage Barnes

Known for portraits of figurative busts with their faces obscured by flowers, smiley faces, or thick, colorful, gestural marks, American-born Barnes balances his work between the spaces of the real and surreal.

Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart

Sage is a self-taught photographer from Toronto. Her work focuses on how humans interact with their home environment. Her work is animated by this central question: what defines a place as home?

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