Sneakers - June 16, 2014

Reddit Survey: More sneakers bought at Ross than Kixify

The sneaker community on Reddit (the sneaker subreddit) has developed into a nice little group. They have 25k+ subscribers, engaged mods, active users and a nice set of guidelines.  Campless is proud to be an active member.

The Reddit Sneakerhead Survey

Recently, one of the longer-tenured members, Nick Oliver, conducted a sneaker demographic survey (Sneaker Sub-Reddit May 2014 Survey) where he asked questions such as how many pairs of sneaker you own, where do you buy kicks, etc.  It received 2,145 responses.  There is one data point we wanted to share, in response to the question about where people buy their shoes…

Here are the results:

Reddit channel May 2014

You’ll notice that eBay leads the resell channels by a long margin, with 283.  The next closest is “Facebook Groups” with 92 (1/3 as many as eBay).  In fact, all other resell channels combined only equal 254.  This supports our estimate that eBay represents 1/3 to 1/2 of the entire sneakerhead market.  Obviously there are some issues to consider with this data.  For example, it doesn’t include Twitter or Instagram and we know a lot of sales go through those channels.  It’s also interesting to note that Reddit, itself, was not listed amongst the top 20 sales channels, although it may have been included in “Other Online Marketplaces”.

Surprisingly, Kixify is way down the long tail of channels, with only 3 respondents (out of 2,145) saying they buy sneakers there.  Of the many channels with more respondents than Kixify, even Ross, the discount store, had more (albeit just slightly, with 4).

The Campless Sneakerhead Survey

Inspired by the Reddit Survey and the need to include a broader audience in the data, we’ve created our own Sneakerhead Survey.  If you haven’t already done so, please complete our survey.  It’s quick, responses are confidential, you’ll be contributing to a better understanding of our community and, most importantly, it will bring you good release day karma.