Sneakers - March 24, 2019

That's 5: WHM | Rae Witte

Elhadji Mare

Elhadji Is a Content Manager and Copywriter @ StockX

In honor of Women’s History Month, StockX is spotlighting some of our favorite women in the game.

Next on our roster is Rae Witte, a freelance writer located in the heart of New York. Witte has had an interesting past when it comes to her writing career, moving from Hypebeast’s musical extension HYPETRAK to being the managing editor for both the fashion and sneakers channels at Complex. Now, as a freelancer, she has had her hand in a bunch of major projects and collaborations. Since 2016, she’s written for a variety of publications and platforms including DAZED, Highsnobiety, GQ and Teen Vogue.  She even hosts her own radio show, “Slow Music & Fast Girls,” focusing on R&B and up-and-coming musical artists.

Read our That’s 5 interview to learn more about this pioneering women.

Who are some of the women that have influenced you?

My mom heavily influences me, particularly with her selflessness. It’s mind blowing, honestly. I’ve also been very fortunate to find friends that are extremely inspirational and who influence me in a lot of different ways. I was much more “one of the boys” until my mid-20s and I’m so grateful for so many amazing women in my life now. Erika Ramirez feeds my inner introvert and reminds me that when it comes to work to keep a little for myself. Adriane Jefferson not only influences my work through her work, but the genuine personal investment she takes in people she works with and surrounds herself with is impressive and valued. Amrit Sidhu has taught me to remember the work I’ve put in to get to where I am, to take advantage of that work, and to always put your friends on whenever you can. Krista Chiu influences me to attempt to lean into my femininity while also attempting to destroy whatever goals or intentions I set for myself. I am insanely fortunate to have them and other really incredible women around me all the time.

Rae Witte

What is the most overrated at the moment?

Instagram is overrated for me lately, and not in a hating or it gives me fomo way. I don’t find what other people are sharing boring. Posting photos on it is becoming tedious. “Hey everyone, look at me and look at my really cool friends and all these really cool things we do while we look really fucking coooool!”
That said, I very much recognize the value in it from a work standpoint particularly as someone who works for myself and does get a lot of opportunities through Twitter and internet friends, but I work at home and am not photo ready or doing things that I can document every day, so posting on it is simply overrated for me lately. I don’t hate it and I don’t hate stories. I’m definitely on it frequently. I love researching on it, but posting on the grid is tiresome. My outlet is verbal/written, so creating visual output becomes a chore. My Twitter is essentially equivalent to a finsta. Anything that doesn’t make the timeline has no business being in public.
*posts ANOTHER photo of myself*

Rae Witte

What is most underrated at the moment?

Talented people that are not good at the internet or choose not to pander to the timeline are SEVERELY underrated. No shade towards those that can do both, they’re killing it.

Rae Witte

If you could give advice to your younger self, what would you say?

YOU DON’T HAVE TO FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE TO TAKE ON EVERYTHING YOURSELF. I’d also advise myself to deeply invest time into determining what I want to give and receive in interpersonal relationships. I think a lot of times when I was younger I was more likely to dim my light in order to accommodate others (particularly men), and I’d encourage a younger me to get comfortable with what I want, who I am, and freely be that. I’d tell baby Rae that anyone that feels like you’re too much or can’t reciprocate in a healthy way won’t be around forever and it will be their loss.

What’s next for you?

I love what I’m working on, and I love what I’m writing lately. I have a few projects that I keep a little low but are really great because my skill set and network are really put to use in beneficial ways for and with people I’m personally invested in and think highly of. I started doing a little more travel writing towards the end of last year, and I’d like to continue that. Additionally, I’ve put together and will be moderating a panel of entrepreneurs centered on being disruptive in a world full of disruptors at the Shopify space in downtown LA on March 28! I hope to do more panel-like programming.
Rae Witte | @raewitte