Editor’s Note 1:  Mark Wahlberg couldn’t have been nicer or more welcoming or more generous with his time.  Thanks, Mark!

Editor’s Note 2: For this post we decided to follow Michael Hauge’s “Six Stage Plot Structure” for writing a screenplay as homage to the location of our first featured Collection (Hollywood).

Stage I: The Setup

In the sneaker blogosophere the only thing more ubiquitous than release dates is celeb sneaker pics.  Sole Collector has “Sole Watch”; Nice Kicks does “Celebrity Sneaker Stalker”; Sneakerwatch has “Celebrities”; and The Shoe Game has “Celebrity Footwork” – just to name a few. Complex takes famous people sneaker shopping (as if they aren’t seeded enough heat) and every blog has made at least one venture into a famous sneaker closet.  The list of celebrity sneaker content goes on and on.

Stage II: New Situation

At Campless we used to have a tagline somewhere which said “No release dates. No celeb stalking. Just data.”  While you’ll never catch us in the Hollywood hills with a telephoto lens stuck to our face, sleeping in our car, waiting to snap the perfect lateral view of a reality star’s Yeezy Boost, we’ll admit we’re happy to see Jerry Seinfeld rocking Jays.  So, with today’s blog post, maybe we eat our own words a bit or, at the very least, recognize that celebrity sneakers and data are NOT mutually exclusive.

Now that we’ve launched Collections (a.k.a. Sneaker Portfolios) on the site, it’s time to venture into the closets of some legit sneakerheads to see what their collections are worth, and highlight them on our blog.  And if those sneakerheads just happen to live in the Hollywood hills, well, that’s something we’ll have to live with.

Welcome to Sneaker Portfolios, Episode One.  Today’s guest:  Mark Wahlberg.

Stage III: Progress

Mark Wahlberg has played some of the most memorable roles in the history of movies.

Here are some of our favorites:

  • Gold bar-seeking master thief (The Italian Job)
  • Gold bar-seeking American soldier (Three Kings) – my personal favorite
  • Friends with South Philly degenerates (Invincible)
  • Friends with a degenerate teddy bear (Ted, Ted 2)
  • Owner of biggest cock in movie full of huge cocks (Boogie Nights)
  • Owner of biggest Boston accent in a movie full of huge Boston accents (The Departed) – Best Supporting Actor nominee

And, according to IMDB, 39 others.  Point is:  dude can act.

But there’s one role that is definitely not an act:  Sneakerhead.

Don’t take our word for it.  Sole Collector named Mark one of the Top 15 Most Legit Celebrity Sneakerheads (Sept. 26, 2015) and Nice Kicks crowned him the 2014 Celebrity Sneaker Stalker MVP.

Stage IV: Complications & Higher Stakes

Turns out Mark is a fan of what we’re doing at Campless – so much so that HE asked if we could value his collection before we even suggested it. After very careful deliberation – hours of painstaking contemplation – we finally decided that yes, we would accept an invitation to Mark Wahlberg’s house to talk sneakers with him.  If there’s one rule that’s universal, it’s this:  When The Man invites you to his house, you say Yes.

So we spent a few hours with Mark, going through his sneaker collection, talking kicks and enjoying his hospitality.  We documented all of the sneakers we were shown.  What follows is the true sneakerheaddata on Mark Wahlberg’s collection.  But before we begin, two caveats:

  1. Mark mentioned that he has more shoes in other places, so this is just what we had access to that day, although it definitely includes the gems.
  2. Campless Collection values are based on the shoes that we currently track.  Mark shared 137 shoes with us, but we only track 90 of them. We tried to estimate values of the others where we could, which you will see in this post, but not on Campless.

You can view Mark Wahlberg’s sneaker collection of Campless HERE.

Long Picture 1 Final



Alternative View of Mark’s collection on Campless

Long Picture 2 Final

Aggregate Stats Campless.com:

  • Total Pairs Tracked by Campless:  90
  • Total Market Value of those 90 pairs:  $29,085
  • Total Gain on Retail Price:  $12,699
  • Average DS Price: $323

Of the 90 pairs we track, 19 have a market value of $350 or more:

MW released pairs

Key Insights:

  • The Jordan 11’s listed here have an average DS value of $527 vs. the Jordan 3’s at $371
  • The Jordan Future Infrared QS is the only non-Retro Jordan
  • The Chromeposite is the only non-Jordan
  • When we picked up the the AJ13 Premio Bin in Mark’s closet it was pristine.  It looked like it might be completely deadstock…and then our hand starting shaking.

If we stopped the post here – 90 pairs at $29K – that’d be a nice collection.  But for a guy who’s personal friends with His Airness, this is just the beginning . . .

The following chart is a view of the ridiculous PE and sample heat in Mark’s collection.  With the exception of the Oregon 5s, we don’t currently track any of these shoes on Campless because they are so rare.  But we did some extra digging for Mr. Wahlberg and were able to estimate a market value for most pairs.  Enjoy.

MW unreleased pairs

Key Insights:

  • One look at this chart and we know why Mark put Reggie Saunders in the Entourage movie and paid for MJ’s lunch
  • Wahlberg’s un-released heat – only 19 pairs – makes up about 2/3 of the value of his entire collection
  • Nate Robinson tried to buy the Oregon 5s off his feet
  • The Sugar Ray 8s were a gift from Jimmy Butler
  • Oh, and he’s had the Air Jordan 4 Eminem x Carhart for a week now, and you’ll likely never even see a pair in person

The next chart is a breakdown of how many pairs of each brand / sub-brand that Mark owns.

MW brand breakdown 4

Key Insights:

  • Spike Lee himself may not have as many Spiz’ike and Son of Mars as Mark
  • 2 of the 3 “Adidas” are the TS Commander Entourage/Wahlberg PE
  • 1 of the 4 “Other” is a Reebok Mark Wahlberg PE
  • Notably absent:  No LeBrons, no Kobes, no Nike SBs and no Yeezys (Nike or Adidas)

So what’s it all worth?

MW total collection 4

Stage V: Final Push

Just because our focus is data doesn’t mean we don’t want to see the shoes, too.  So this is where we run the risk of crossing into all-other-sneaker-blog content, but it is what is.  Ain’t no way we’re letting you leave without seeing Mark’s heat.

First, our version of celebrity sneaker stalker – i.e., Mark wearing heat in public.

Exhibit 1:  Adidas TS Bounce Commander “Entourage” PE


Exhibit 2:  Jordan 5 Oregon Ducks.  That’s Nate Robinson offering him cash for the sneakers off his feet during a Lakers game.  For real that’s what Nate said.  Mark told us.


Exhibit 3: Rocking the Jordan CP3 Entourage PEs to the premier of the Entourage movie


Exhibit 4:  Matching White Cement Jordan 3’s with his son










Stage VI: Aftermath

Finally, our version of Celebrity Sneaker Closets.

Here are a couple gems from Mark’s collection to prove that we were actually there . . . and by proof we mean Josh’s fingers holding each shoe.  Make sure to scroll down to the last picture, you won’t regret it.

Jordan 1 Mid “Wahlburgers”

This pair was gifted to Mark from Tinker Hatfield himself and appeared in an episode of “Wahlburgers” as explained HERE by our friends at Sneaker Bar Detroit.  On the show he has two pairs.  He actually has three.  He has two customs and one designed & produced by Jordan Brand  and Tinker.  Below is a pic of the Tinker version.



Jordan 4 “Oregon Duckmans”

These were gifted to the Oregon basketball team as PE’s.  One of those PE pairs got sold on eBay for $6K, used.  Wahlberg got a brand new pair and so did DJ Clark Kent.  This is different than the black Oregon version tracked by Campless.


CP3 VII – “Entourage PE”

Mark has two pairs of these.  It’s only right that he does – it’s his damn movie.


Adidas TS Bounce Commander “Entourage PE”

Like the CP3, Mark has two pairs of these, as well


Timberland x BBC Bee Line 6″ Boots

Mark also has a black pair, which appears to be a sample


Jordan 8 “Sugar Ray”  – Ray Allen PE

According to Mark, this pair was a gift from Jimmy Butler of the Bulls


Nike Zoom Revis Shane Victorino PE


Reebok x Patriots Wahlberg PE



CP3 “F&F” 1-of-33 Green Suede (#17)


Air Jordan 3 1-of-1 by Mark Smith


Wait, don’t leave yet . . .

check this out . . .

one more . . .

something about saving the best for last . . .

 or simply the fact that . . .

Mark Wahlberg is just a dude who loves sneakers like the rest of us . . .


. . . he just has a better connect than you.