November 1, 2021

Sneakers Under $200

Elhadji Mare

Elhadji Is a Content Manager and Copywriter @ StockX

Looking for some heat that's cost-effective? From Jordans to New Balances, check out our selection of sneakers under $200.

Looking for some heat that's cost-effective? From Jordans to New Balances, check out our selection of sneakers under $200.

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You don’t have to spend a lot to look your very best. On StockX, there are numerous options under $200 that are sure to break necks and compliment any outfit. Find the best pairs that are both style and budget-friendly. 

Air Jordan 1 Low OG Neutral Grey (2021)

The Air Jordan 1 Low OG Neutral Grey is the perfect combination of style and cost-efficiency. Releasing within the same year as its high-top predecessor, the sneaker dropped just in time for summer. But just because it’s a low-cut sneaker, doesn’t mean that it’s not suitable for everyday wear through every season. Its Neutral Grey and white color blocking make it easy and versatile to pair with any flannel, sweater, or hoodie. Unlike the Air Jordan 1 High 85 Neutral Grey’s $300+ price point, its low version comes in right under that $200 price for most sizes. 

New Balance 550 White Green

The New Balance 550 has seen a surge in popularity, one reason being Aime Leon Dore’s selection of collaborations on the silhouette. But if any of those 550s aren’t fitting your price range, New Balance offers a selection of general release colorways that just might do the trick. This White Green colorway is almost an exact copy of the ALD version, featuring white and green leather overlays, white and green nylon tongue, and Ortholite insoles. Its only noticeable difference is its suede toe wrapping and lack of patinaed leather. No need to wait for the ALD prices to go down when this near-identical pair is readily available at a lower cost.  

Nike Dunk High Panda

If you’re just looking for an easy-to-wear, beater shoe, then the Nike Dunk High Panda just might be that shoe. The Nike Dunk High Panda utilizes both black and white leather overlays to provide a straightforward design that is as easy on its looks as it is on your wallet. It is also a sneaker that ages perfectly, with every crease giving the sneaker character and softening the leather. 

Nike Air Max 90 NRG Bacon (2021)

The Nike Air Max 90 Bacon originally released in 2006 as a collaboration with one of New York’s top sneaker boutiques at the time, Dave’s Quality Meats. The sneaker’s design was unique in itself, as it was inspired by the many different colors of cooked and raw bacon. Since its release nearly two decades ago, the Bacons have been praised for their avant-garde inspiration. However, certain factors, such as DQM going out of business and the limited nature of the sneaker, have caused many to speculate that the sneaker would never retro again and leaving resale prices on the original far out of reach for the average person. But this past Air Max Day, Nike gave Air Max fans a second chance at obtaining the once-coveted colorway. Featuring the same color palette as its original, the Nike Air Max 90 NRG Bacon utilizes a mix of suede and tumbled leather throughout to recreate the 2006 OG. And good news for those that still haven’t gotten a pair because prices for the shoe are as low as ever, even under its $140 MSRP for certain sizes.  

Air Jordan 1 KO Chicago (2021)

Love the look of one of MJ’s most extraordinary kicks but don’t want to spend extraordinary amounts of money on a pair? Feast your eyes on the Air Jordan 1 KO Chicago. The AJ1 KO debuted in 1985, the same year as the original AJ1, and saw its latest retro treatment in 2014. This version hones in on all of the details from its 1985 original. And its classic Chicago red, white, and black colors can give you a similar look to the now $1.3K AJ1 High Chicago retro from 2015. Even though the sneaker uses canvas instead of leather for the upper, its cost will make anyone disregard that detail, as it’s currently trading for close to retail.   

Nike Dunk High Fragment Beijing (2021)

Hiroshi Fujiwara, owner and designer for the Fragment clothing label, has imprinted his lightning bolt logo on some of the most popular silhouettes, such as the Air Jordan 1, 3, and Nike Air Force 1. This year, he retroed one of his past Nike collaborations from 2010, which took the form of a Nike Dunk High. This collab features a mix of black and purple leather overlays throughout, with his signature bolt logo on the heel of each shoe. An original pair from 2010 could cost you upwards of $1,000, but you can snag a pair on StockX from 2021 for well below that cost. And if you have a smaller size, prices can take you even further below its $150 retail price tag.