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Last updated on October 25, 2019

StockX Needle Movers: September Streetwear New Arrivals

Nick Matthies

Nick Matthies is an editorial freelancer for StockX.

Needle Movers is a monthly segment highlighting what's new on StockX from recently added streetwear collaborations and brands. Check out the collections below - just click the photos to shop.

Needle Movers is a monthly segment highlighting what's new on StockX from recently added streetwear collaborations and brands. Check out the collections below - just click the photos to shop.

September was a rather quiet month in the streetwear world as some of our previous Needle Movers big hitters took a rest for the month of September. With Palace’s Autumn 2019 collection coming to a close midway through the month and Supreme trekking forward, this month’s Needle Movers was led by KAWS, who returned to releasing product after taking a month off and Fear Of God, who dropped product under both their mainline label and their FOG Essentials line. Kanye West and Virgil Abloh also blessed us (pun intended) with new projects and merch centered around the many things they have going on. Read below to look at every streetwear collaboration and brand that’s new on StockX.


After a month off during an active year, KAWS returned in September for his first non-holiday vinyl figure release since dropping the Clean Slate Figure in March. September’s drop was released in parallel to an exhibition put on by the artist in Australia at The National Gallery of Victoria. The drop contained the Gone Figures which feature a Companion Figure carrying an incapacitated BFF Figure in three colorways; a Brown Companion carrying a Blue BFF, a Grey Companion carrying a Pink BFF, and Black Companion carrying Black BFF. Alongside the figures, two puzzles, totes, and several other items were released. A range of the release can be shopped below and everything KAWS that’s new on StockX can be shopped here.

Fear Of God

New on StockX, Fear Of God Essentials

Image via Pacsun

Jerry Lorenzo’s Fear Of God released new items under both their mainline label as well as their Essentials line. Under the mainline label, the brand released a slew of jackets, pants, sweat tops, and tees. Under their Essentials line, the brand dropped a multitude of basics in their traditional muted earth tones as well as several items in brighter more colorful 3M colorways. Highlights come in the form of a muted yellow Lemonade Hoodie and the muted pink Blush Hoodie. A range of the items can be shopped below and everything Fear Of God that’s new on StockX can be shopped here.

More Virgil Stuff (MCA and OW Undercover)

New on StockX, Off-White x Undercover


Despite taking time off due to doctors orders, Virgil Abloh’s output in September would lead one to believe he’s working at his regular rate. The multi-hyphenate designer released several new merch items as a part of his “Figures Of Speech” exhibit which closed at the MCA in Chicago on September 29th. The two new items released for the now-closed exhibition both play off the grammatical term hyperbole, each giving an example of a hyperbole, “I have a million things to do today”. Hyperbole is defined by as an obvious and intentional exaggeration. The tee and hoodie are slightly different in design as the Million Things Tee takes after the Grass Graveyard Tee (focused on the grammatical term, alliteration) and a set of posters released via the exhibit which all focus on different grammatical terms. The hoodie simply features the word hyperbole and the expression “I have a million things to do today”.

Aside from his work with the MCA, Abloh’s Off-White collaborated with Jun Takahashi’s Undercover on a small capsule. The collection, titled “UNDEROFFWHITECOVERS”, released on September 14th and contained tees, hoodies, shorts, a pair of denim jeans, and a denim hip sack. Highlights from the capsule feature the black hoodie and the White Hand Dart Tee. Elsewhere on the Virgil-Abloh-Collaboration-Front, the designer has returned to his collaboration with Evian and SOMA for a new edition of his popular reusable glass water bottles. The bottles are essentially the same as the last time they dropped with a different catchphrase, “Make A Rainbow” replacing what was “Rainbow Inside” on those previously released.

Shop some highlights of Virgil Abloh’s September activity below and everything he worked on in September here.

Kanye West Sunday Service / Jesus Is King

New on StockX, Jesus Is King Kanye West Merch

Image via Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church

It would take an extensive, incredible amount of research in order to determine the total number of times that Kanye West has extravagantly announced an album was coming only to delay it or not release it at all. What takes less research is identifying the merchandise he’s released either in preemptive conjuncture with an album or just out of nowhere. In September, West pushed the narrative that he’d be dropping a new album, Jesus Is King, and after several album listening parties, it seemed like maybe it would come out. It has not. Jesus Is King album merch, however, has dropped. While it sold out very quickly, it can still be shopped on StockX. So for those okay with a tee shirt or crewneck, you can shop everything dropped here and if you simply need the album, a Jesus Is King movie will supposedly be hitting theaters later in October and maybe the album will come then. We’re not holding our breath though.

Nike Sacai

New on StockX, Nike x Sacai Apparel

Image via Nike

Nike’s collaborative sneaker capsule with Chitose Abe’s Sacai has been one of the most hyped and widely discussed sneaker partnerships of the year. After dropping the first colorways of both the Waffles and Blazers in the spring, the two came together again in September for several new colorways of the Waffles. Released alongside the new shoes was a women’s activewear apparel collection featuring spliced together tees, sports bras, socks, and more. The entire Nike x Sacai Apparel capsule can be shopped on StockX here.

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