Apparel - December 20, 2019

StockX Supreme Shopping Guide: Best of 2019

Volume 12 of our Supreme Shopping Guides.

Volume 12 of our Supreme Shopping Guides.

As part of our Supreme 25th Anniversary features, we will be bringing you a selection of Supreme shopping guides with items curated by the StockX Streetwear Team. Each month, we’ll take a look at something new, including the best steals, biggest grails, and top pieces of the year. For Volume 12, we bring you the best Supreme items of 2019, all of which are available now on StockX. As always, just click the photos to shop.

Supreme Butterfly Table Tennis Racket Set Checkerboard

Supreme’s long list of accessories (both the usual and the unusual) grew significantly in 2019. A fan favorite from this list is the long rumored Table Tennis Racket Set, which was produced by the long-time Table Tennis equipment manufacturer Butterfly. This paddle is good for a casual game with the crew or even a professional match. 


Supreme Hot Wheels Fleet Flyer + 1992 BMW M3 Red

Pulling on your heartstrings by providing plenty of nostalgia from your childhood, the Supreme Hot Wheels Fleer Flyer + 1992 BMW M3 is an accessory for the ages. At an affordable retail price of just $30, the item sold out instantly and quickly became one of the top selling Supreme accessories of all time on StockX.

Supreme Cupid Tee

The hysteria surrounding the release of Supreme Cupid Figurine in March (which retailed for $3,998), quickly led to the famed figurine selling for well above that price after the drop. Just a few weeks later in April, Supreme followed up with eight colors of the Supreme Cupid Tee. These are a far more affordable way to own a piece of one of Supreme’s most memorable items in years. 


Supreme Reversible Bandana Fleece Jacket

This jacket tapped on two of Supreme’s major themes of 2019 – bandana print and fleece. This reversible jacket came in 4 colors, and released in September for a retail price of $228. At the time of this writing, prices were hovering between $290 and $360 – not bad compared to prior Supreme Fleece Jackets


Supreme Swarovski Box Logo Hooded Sweatshirt

A list of Supreme’s best items in 2019 cannot be complete without mention of the brand’s highly anticipated 25th Anniversary drop in late April. The drop featured four hoodies and three tees, all of which sold out instantly despite high retail prices of $598 and $398 respectively. Prices on StockX for all of these items well exceed their retail prices, so this purchase isn’t for the faint of heart. However, if you want a piece of Supreme’s storied history, this may be your best bet. 


Supreme Timex Digital Watch

This Supreme Timex Watch comes with a much more affordable price tag than the brands Friends & Family Rolex Submariner that released in 2013. With a retail price of just $68, these watches flew off the shelves and onto wrists of Supreme fans everywhere. Both the gold and silver versions of this watch are selling for more than twice their original retail price, it’s still a reasonably priced watch from a two timeless brands. 


Supreme The North Face Statue of Liberty Mountain Jacket

Perhaps the hottest The North Face release in recent memory, the Statue of Liberty collection (which released in October) featured over a dozen items. The most popular of which is TNF’s classic Mountain Jacket, which came in black, yellow, and red colorways. While Supreme has been dropping collections with The North Face more recently lately, this collection stands above the rest and has seen significant interest on StockX post-release. 


Supreme Wolf Fleece Jacket

Known for dropping quality fleeces throughout the years, Supreme’s Wolf Fleece released near the beginning of the SS19 season and remains a hot commodity as the weather gets colder. Released in teal, brown, and black colorways, each jacket features a pack of wolves and a unique color gradient, making this piece stand out from the herd. 


Supreme San Francisco Box Logo Tee

It’s not very common for Supreme to release a box logo tee, much less a commemorative box logo for the opening of a new retail location. For the first time in over two years, Supreme opened a new retail location, this time on Market Street in San Francisco. The tee that came with it was a certified hit, first releasing as an in-store exclusive then dropping online the following Monday as a surprise to Supreme enthusiasts around the world. 


Supreme Nutcracker

Around the holidays every year, Supreme releases some sort of commemorative Holiday item. In the past, they’ve done a variety of t-shirts and even a Santa Ornament. This year’s item, however, was probably the best one we’ve ever seen. The wooden nutcracker comes complete with an all-red outfit and a Supreme logo emblazoned across the figure’s cap. It’s not too late to get in the holiday spirit and cop one of these cool collectibles today!


Thanks for checking out this final edition of our Supreme 25th Anniversary shopping guides. Make sure to view the rest of our featured posts and check out our entire catalog of Supreme 25th Anniversary content here.