StockX Supreme Shopping Guide: Hoodies

Volume 3 of our Supreme Shopping Guides.

As part of our Supreme 25th Anniversary features, we will be bringing you a selection of Supreme shopping guides with items curated by the StockX Streetwear Team. Each month, we’ll take a look at something new, including the best steals, biggest grails, and items of the year. For Volume 3, we bring you the best Supreme hoodies available on StockX now. As always, just click the photos to shop.

Cat in the Hat Hooded Sweatshirt

supreme cat in the hat

The Fall/Winter 2018 Supreme season was filled with Cat In The Hat reference. T-shirts, beanies, chino pants, hoodies, and even stickers featured the famous iconography of the legendary Dr. Seuss character. Leading the way as the most popular item is this hoodie, especially in the bright royal colorway pictured above. The simple and recognizable imagery on the contrasted blue sweatshirt makes for a clean yet bold statement piece worthy of your closet space.

AKIRA Patches Hooded Sweatshirt

akira hoodie

Perhaps one of the most anticipated and well-received collaborations of the last few years, Supreme’s collection with Akira was a smash hit on all fronts. Everything sold out quickly and has seen significant interest on the secondary market, including t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, accessories, and more. This Patches hoodie features a custom patch of Tetsuo on the front, and a large image of Neo-Tokyo exploding on the reverse, making it perfect for Akira and Supreme enthusiasts alike.

Chenille Arc Logo Hooded Sweatshirt (Spring/Summer 2017)

arc logo hoodie

While Arc Logo Hoodies are relatively common, Supreme’s Spring/Summer 2017 offering including this very unique piece. The white colorway featured above includes each letter in a different color chenille patch, showcasing Supreme’s constant attention to detail and willingness to take design risks that in this case, paid off.

Undercover Hooded Sweatshirt (Spring/Summer 2015)

Supreme’s Undercover collaborations have been some of the most successful and appreciated capsules over the past years. Known for their propensity to tap into art, the duo pulled inspiration for this one-of-a-kind hoodie from french painter Nicolas de Largillière’s 1714 work, The Study of Hands. Equal parts mysterious and iconic, this statement piece is sure to draw questions, double-takes, and compliments on the streets.

Landscape Hooded Sweatshirt

landscape hoodie

Also featured in our “Best of 2018” article, Supreme’s Landscape Hoodie has seen a meteoric rise in price and popularity since it’s original release during the Spring/Summer 2018 season. The all-over print hoodie features a pastel painting from 20th century French artist Georges Braque. While pulling inspiration from art has become commonplace for Supreme, this garment almost feels like a work of art in and of itself.

Comme Des Garcons Hooded Sweatshirt (Fall/Winter 2015)

cdg hoodie

Comme Des Garcons is another common Supreme collaborator that seemingly never fails to disappoint. The two brands have been releasing diverse and unique capsule for years now. Looking back at their collections, the Fall/Winter 2015 collaboration stands out as one of the best, and included this olive pullover hoodie. The piece includes a plaid hood, CDGs classic font on the chest, and unique pull tabs on the waist. Adding this low-key heater to your closet is most definitely a smart move.

Patchwork Hoodie (Fall/Winter 2017)

patchwork hoodie

In recent years, it seems as though Supreme has been utilizing patchwork more and more in their seasonal collections. Whether its hoodies, shorts, t-shirt, or even a mohair cardigan, the products always generate significant interest and always sell out quickly. Our personal favorite is the Fall/Winter 2017 items, which include hoodies and matching sweatpants in three different colors. Check out all the items here and don’t hesitate to pick up and new sweatsuit for traveling our just lounging around.

Mike Kelley More Love Hours Than Can Ever Be Repaid Hooded Sweatshirt

mike kelley hoodie

Just six years after the artist’s tragic passing, Supreme worked with the estate of Mike Kelley for a comprehensive apparel and deck collaboration. The standout piece from this collection features Kelley’s 1987 work titled “More Love Hours Than Can Ever Be Repaid and The Wages of Sin”. The work included dozens of re-purposed secondhand stuff animals, and is perhaps the most iconic and recognizable piece that the versatile artist ever produced.

Scarface the World is Yours Hooded Sweatshirt

scarface hoodie

It only makes sense that Supreme would release a Scarface collection, and it’s Fall/Winter 2017 collection finally featured the iconic film. This particular hoodie showcases the inside of Tony Montana’s massive estate, with the famous “The World Is Yours” fountain sculpture on the front. We also recommend that you check out the Supreme Scarface Lamp, which also is heavy inspired by the infamous fountain.

Illegal Business Hooded Sweatshirt

illegal business hoodie

One of the marquee items of Supreme’s Fall/Winter 2018 offering dropped during their Week 1 release. The Illegal Business Hooded Sweatshirt came in seven colors and is completely blank on the front, with the simple phrase “illegal business controls America” in the brand’s recognizable futura heavy oblique font on the reverse. Inspired by items of the past, such as the Spring/Summer 2007 all-over print hoodie bearing the same phrase, the statement only resonates more with fans as it remains as true as ever.


Thanks for checking out this edition of our Supreme 25th Anniversary shopping guides. Stay tuned to the StockX blog throughout 2019 for more featured posts, and check out our entire catalog of Supreme 25th Anniversary content here.

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