Apparel - September 16, 2022

Supreme Nike ACG Collection: StockX Pick of the Week

Nick Matthies

Nick Matthies is an editorial freelancer for StockX.

NYC Meets ACG as Supreme releases a collaborative collection with Nike’s All Conditions Gear sub-label.

NYC Meets ACG as Supreme releases a collaborative collection with Nike’s All Conditions Gear sub-label.

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Supreme is three weeks into Fall/Winter 2022 and so far, the New York streetwear brand’s offering has delivered a solid season. After dropping a must-have André 3000 T-shirt as a part of their first release and then two colors of a Nike sneaker last week, Supreme is back with The Swoosh again for Week 3. This time, the pairing has delivered a collaborative collection based around Nike’s ACG line. The collection featured 23 collaborative apparel and accessory pieces ranging from hats to long sleeve jerseys. Supreme and Nike’s ACG collection brings together the best of both parties, delivering pieces fit both for the streets and the hiking trail.

Nike officially launched their ACG line in 1989. The acronym stands for All Conditions Gear and delivers apparel, accessories, and boots meant to withstand the natural extremes of wind, rain, and snow. Unlike most other Nike lines, ACG has differentiated itself in multiple ways. Their ads have always been tongue-in-cheek, often making cheeky jokes and featuring wild colorways. Over the years, several prominent names in the Nike brand, from Tinker Hatfield to collaborator Errolson Hugh, have worked directly with ACG, meaning the sub-labels designs have always been on the cutting edge of what Nike does.

Supreme’s collaboration with Nike marks the second time this season that they’ve partnered. Last week the pair released two colorways of a Nike Blazer Mid (a follow-up to their popular 2006 Nike SB Blazer), and this week the ACG collaboration has officially been delivered. Fans of the brand will undoubtedly be excited about this week’s release, which has been rumored for several seasons now. It features a number of different styles ranging from long sleeve jerseys to denim anoraks as well as accessories, as the two brands delivered three colors of a denim hat.

Hiking and the associated technical apparel, accessories, and footwear that permeate the subculture have seen a revolutionary increase in popularity over the last few years. The rise of Gorpcore, a fashion movement that derives its style from utilitarian and functional outerwear influences, has broken into the mainstream. This has led to brands like Arc’Teryx and Salomon selling out jackets and footwear as well as the increased popularity of Nike’s ACG sublabel. Though not ahead of the trend, Supreme and Nike ACG’s recent collaboration fits into the subculture very well. The collection features a number of technical pieces, including the Fleece Pullover, which features a built-in facemask in the hood.

Though the long-rumored Supreme Nike ACG collaboration is now behind us, there is still a lot to be excited about this season. It’s still likely that a Metallica collaboration will be released which, due to the streetwear industry’s unwavering obsession with the band’s vintage t-shirts, will undoubtedly feel like a full circle moment. Additionally, it’s still possible that Supreme will release both another Louis Vuitton collection and a public-facing Rolex collaboration. Fans can only hope that the last two partnerships are real, but the Metallica collaboration seems very likely as we approach the fall.

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