Supreme x Stone Island: A History Of Collaboration

Supreme x Stone Island has returned in 2019 after a one-year hiatus. We've documented the collaboration's history, breaking down each of their four prior capsules.

As part of our Supreme 25th Anniversary features, each month we will be bringing you a closer look at important Supreme collaborations. This month we’re taking an in-depth look at Supreme x Stone Island. 

Supreme’s propensity to collaborate is undeniable. Here at StockX, we often see collaboration’s as some of the quickest moving items and in the streets. The collaborations are coveted for their rarity and collectibility. In the time since appropriation has become collaboration, Supreme’s worked with both likely collaborators (skate brands and sportswear companies) as well as some unlikely collaborators (Louis Vuitton and Brooks Brothers). Every so often, as one of the more unlikely collaborations arises, the clothing in that collaboration is lifted to “grail” status.

Supreme x Stone Island has become one of those. Of the pieces we have listed on our site, most are selling for more than $800 USD. This comes as no surprise when considering the fact that archival Stone Island itself draws grail-level pricing at retail. The collaboration began in 2014 with a collection of 5 items in different colors. Between 2014 and 2017, the two came together for a collaboration annually, setting the expectation that this would become a regular partnership, much like Levi’s or The North Face. 2018 though, would come and go with no collaborative release by the two brands.

Just three weeks into SS19 though, Supreme’s announced and released a new collaboration with Stone Island. The collaboration had been rumored for some time and at one point there were even rumors of a Box Logo Hoodie. While that rumor turned out to be false, Supreme’s collaboration with the brand extends their streak of strong drop weeks through week three. Below, we’ve compiled all five of their collaborations with the Italian outerwear brand so beloved by Drake. Scroll down to read about, flip through, and shop Supreme’s past collaborations with Stone Island.


Supreme x Stone Island – Spring/Summer 2019

Has a Supreme x Stone Island Collaboration ever disappointed? Omitting the fact that there wasn’t one in 2018, the answer is no. As observed in the rest of this article, Supreme x Stone Island has seemingly delivered nothing but hits and this year’s collaboration looks to be no exception. Featuring both basics and a few high design technical pieces, this collection has something for everyone willing to drop the coin. With retail prices similar to that of Stone Island’s non-collaborative items, tees will run over $100 and the hoodies are expected to run for nearly $300. This season’s standout pieces are the two different jackets. The New Silk Light Jacket features a polyurathane coating and looks like it. The Riot Mask Camo Jackets look to be the true grail-level pieces of this collection though. Featuring an orange camo and grey camo colorway, the riot masks add just enough to make these jackets a standout piece on your commute into the office.

Shop some highlights from the drop below and scroll to check out Supreme’s past collaborations with the Italian outerwear company. Shop the whole SS19 week three drop here.

Supreme x Stone Island – Fall/Winter 2017

Until last year, as mentioned above, Supreme x Stone Island seemed to be joining the ranks of the likes of Supreme x Levi’s and Supreme x TNF as at least a yearly collaborator. In 2018, the collaboration never came but it is possible that the reason why is that they didn’t feel like they could follow up their knockout 2017 collaboration. Fall/Winter 2017’s entry featured not one but two new absolute heaters of silhouettes to the Supreme x Stone Island archive. The first of the two grail-level silhouettes to drop as a result of the collaboration was the Lamy Cover Stampato Puffy Jacket with the floral pattern. Not only can you take the hood off if you want (hoodie is the new dress shirt, I’ll bring my own hood) but it also has a detachable balaclava style face mask for everyone that had to brave the polar vortex this year. The other hot item of this drop was the Poly Cover Composite Anorak that is somehow garment dyed, wind resistant, and water resistant. The anoraks were released in three colors and are listed as opaque, which means they’re see-through, but not all the way. On top of the puffers and anoraks, some basics were dropped as well, including reflective hoodies, tees, and sweatpants, and two hats matching the colorways of the puffers. Shop a selection of the release below and the whole collection here.

Supreme x Stone Island – Spring/Summer 16

Just under a year after their 2015 Spring/ Summer collaboration, Supreme and Stone Island teamed up yet again. As is customary of Supreme collaborations, the further along in the relationship, the more the brand seems to experiment with the lines they’re seemingly allowed to play in. For Spring/Summer 2016, they took the gloves off and went all in, delivering on more items and pushing the boundaries of what’s been done at Supreme. The most notable of the collection were the Heat Reactive Trench Coats, released in two colorways that would change color based on heat (like an expensive version of those pencils from gradeschool). The black colorway turned to yellow when met with heat and the blue turned purple under the same circumstances. The jackets also featured a Supreme x Stone Island joint logo on the back. The rest of the collection contained garment dyed nylon metal tracksuits, cobranded sweaters, cobranded 3/4 Zip Long Sleeve Tops, water resistant thermosensitive heat reactive polyurethane hats (fancy way of saying color changing), and two duffle bags. Shop a selection of the drop below and check out the SS16 collaboration on StockX, here.

Supreme x Stone Island – Spring/Summer 2015

As mentioned by Supreme in the press release for their very first Stone Island Collaboration, the outerwear company specializes in innovations of both color and material. For the Spring/Summer 2015 collaboration, they brought one of their innovative materials to life for Supreme. Developed several years ago from nylon yarn, their innovative “Nylon Metal” fabric gives the illusion of changing color, while also being extremely sturdy against the elements. For the collaboration, Stone Island went into the vault and applied the innovative material to a silhouette released in their first collection ever, the 5C Anorak. Supreme’s addition to this was no doubt the pattern featured on the jackets, a paisley blue and red pattern featuring the Supreme Classic Logo on the back. The rest of the collection included striped long sleeve tops and two hats, featuring the same paisley pattern as the anoraks.

Supreme x Stone Island – Fall/Winter 2014

Supreme’s inaugural collaborative collection with Stone Island was delivered during the fall of 2014. The press release delivers a slight profile on the outerwear brand, focusing on Stone Island’s specialty, their “unique ability to intervene on the finished item through dyeing and treatment techniques”. The collection featured Supreme’s touch on a Raso Gomatto jacket, one of Stone Island’s most coveted pieces. The Raso Gomatto is a two piece jacket, one piece an outer shell and one piece an inner puffier jacket. The outer piece also has a removable hood that features attached sunglasses. Considering that the Raso Gomatto itself is already a grail for many, the Supreme version is even moreso. The pieces retailed at $1,446 and can be found online now for over $2000, at the time of this writing. The rest of the collection featured crewnecks, hoodies, sweatpants and hats but the highlight’s were certainly the three colors of the Raso Gomatto.

For those interested in checking out more on Stone Island, follow Drake’s personal Stone Island dealer @arco_maher on Instagram.

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