Apparel - January 3, 2020

The Biggest Streetwear Drops Of The Year

Nick Matthies

Nick Matthies is an editorial freelancer for StockX.

As 2019 comes to a close and the streetwear world goes into hibernation until mid-February for the off-season, it’s only right we evaluate last year’s biggest drops. We looked back at resale data for every day this year and pulled the top five best-reselling drops of the year, all of which came from Supreme. Be it box logo releases, the opening week of a season, or The North Face collaborations, this year’s biggest drops come as reinforcement that Supreme is still the biggest, most popular streetwear brand in the world. Diversification is a solid and proven rule for any profitable investment portfolio, but in 2019 a solidly Supreme product holding would have been a killer bet.

5. Supreme FW19 Week 1

The fifth biggest release of the year came late in August as Supreme opened their first week of the FW19 season. The drop included a number of accessories, including Timex, Pyrex, Voodoo Dolls and an assortment of bags, as well as several new tees, including the Banner Tee, Mary J. Blige Tee, and Smoke Tee. The average resale prices for Supreme’s FW19 Week 1 release were notably lower than the other entries on this list but that difference was made up in high resale volumes. The first release of FW19 proved the impact of Supreme’s seasonal opening weeks as it proved to be second best day in total resale volume all year. Over 1,500 Realtree Camo waist bags from the release have been traded on StockX, and nearly 2,000 black Mary J. Blige tees have been resold. Seven of the pieces from FW19 Week 1 have now traded over 1,000 units. Shop a selection of the release below and the entire Supreme FW19 Week 1 Drop on StockX here.

4. Supreme x The North Face FW19

The fourth best-reselling drop of the year was Supreme’s FW19 collaboration with The North Face. As TNF Collaborations tend to do, the collection sold out instantly and immediately started trading on StockX. The release featured both Mountain Jackets and Baltoro Jackets with the Statue of Liberty printed on them as a bold nod to Supreme’s New York roots. The jackets have since dominated Instagram becoming a choice item of Supreme fans. Coming in fourth to box logos and another TNF Collaboration (SS19), this collaboration reinforced the pattern that other than a box logo, the most hyped Supreme release of the season is clearly with The North Face. Shop a selection of Supreme x The North Face FW19 below and the entire release on StockX here.

3. Supreme x The North Face SS19

The third best-selling drop of 2019 was Supreme’s first The North Face collaboration of the year during SS19. The drop featured a full collection of apparel, but the standouts of the collection were clearly the color blocked mountain and fleece jackets. Both jackets released in five different colorways, most of which featured a standout shade like yellow, teal, or purple. The additional colorways and variations may explain Supreme’s SS19 collaboration with The North Face performing better than the FW19 one, posting higher sales volume but at a slightly lower average resale price. This release’s placement at third, and what sets it above FW19’s TNF collaboration, came with the assist of the popular Crown Air Freshener accessory which has resold over 1,100 times on StockX. With both of this year’s full Supreme x The North Face collaborations making the top drops list, it’s no surprise people still look forward to the collaboration reappearing each year. Shop a selection of Supreme x The North Face SS19 below and the entire collection on StockX here.

2. Supreme x Swarovski Box Logos

Supreme Box Logos ruled the year in 2019 as Supreme released Box Logos on four different occasions in 2019. The two big releases have staked their claim on the top two spots on this list, showing that the marquee Supreme garment is still the most hyped streetwear grail on the planet. Their collaborative box logo release with Swarovski during SS19 comes in as the second biggest streetwear drop of the year. The collab was released on the anniversary week of Supreme’s 25th birthday, making for a sparkling celebration. Three different tee colorways released and four different hooded sweatshirts dropped as a part of the collection. The tees far outsold the hoodies, netting a total of seven hundred more trades. In total, over 3,000 Supreme x Swarovski garments have been resold on StockX, all at resale prices of over $500 USD. Alongside the Supreme x Swarovski Box Logos, but not a part of the collaboration, Supreme’s Utility Pouches also released Week 9, adding significant sales volume. With volume and resale values like these, it’s no wonder that this drop ranks number two on this list. Shop a selection of Supreme x Swarovski below and the entire Supreme SS19 Week 9 release here.

1. Supreme FW19 Bandana Box Logo Hooded Sweatshirts

2019’s biggest drop was the Supreme FW19 Week 17 drop which included the Bandana Box Logo Hooded Sweatshirts. The release itself was highly anticipated ahead of time as the hooded sweatshirts were shown first via the FW19 preview in August and after releasing, the marquee items did not disappoint. Supreme’s Bandana Box Logo Hooded Sweatshirts capped off a year in which Supreme had something of an obsession with paisley obsession, or as Supreme’s titled it, a “bandana.” Earlier in the year, Supreme released multiple bandana colorways of a collaborative Wallabee with Clarks Originals as well as bandana print fleeces, combining one major trend of 2019 with another. The biggest item of the release was the Heather Grey colorway of the hooded sweatshirts which features a blue bandana box logo pattern as opposed to the traditional red box logo that usually graces the heather grey box logos. The Box Logos didn’t do all of the work as Week 17’s surprise accessory, the Supreme Nutcracker, also attributed over 800 total sales. A selection of the drop can be shopped below and the rest of the release can be shopped on StockX here.