March 30, 2020

Last updated on February 2, 2022

The Most Affordable KAWS Items from StockX Collectibles

Check out the most affordable KAWS items, available now.

Check out the most affordable KAWS items, available now.

Purchasing products released by artist KAWS (Brian Donnelly) can be an intimidating endeavor. You have probably seen headlines about his latest sold-out figures selling for hundreds of dollars over retail, or even his “The KAWS Album” painting which sold for $14.7 million at Sotheby’s in April of 2019. 

While known for his lovable array of characters including the BFF, Companion, Chum, and more, KAWS is equally well known for releasing affordable collectibles to ensure that any fan can own a piece of his work, regardless of their budget. Here at StockX, you can find all things KAWS, including the most affordable KAWS items that the artist has to offer. Check out some of our recommendations below, and as always, just click the photos to shop.


Most Affordable KAWS Items - Sesame Street Uniqlo Boxed Set

KAWS x Uniqlo Plushes (Sesame Street & Peanuts)

Uniqlo has always been known for making quality essentials at an affordable price, and the handful of collaborations they’ve done with KAWS are no different. Released over the course of three different collections, KAWS & Uniqlo have offered 9 different plushes (4 from Peanuts, & 5 from Sesame Street) along with a boxed set of all 5 Sesame Street plushes. Every plush can be purchased for less than $100 USD, with a few coming in under $50, making them some of the most affordable KAWS items out there.

Most Affordable KAWS Items - KAWS Chum Pin SetKAWS x NGV Pins, Keychains, & Magnets

If you can pick up a KAWS item for under $40, it’s sure to make our list of most affordable KAWS items. For his exhibition titled “Companionship in the Age of Loneliness” at the National Gallery of Victoria in Southbank, Australia, KAWS released a handful of pins, keychains, & magnets. The designs include fan-favorite characters like the Chum, BFF, and classic Companion, while also featuring imagery from his early work at his now defunct clothing line OriginalFake. These small collectibles are the perfect way to show your love of KAWS without breaking the bank. 

Most Affordable KAWS Items - KAWS Bus Stop

KAWS x Medicom Toy Bus Stops (2002)

You might be surprised to find a vintage collectible from 2002 on our list of most affordable KAWS items, but these KAWS Bus Stop Figures (produced by Medicom) are still surprisingly affordable. KAWS and Medicom released 5 different versions of the Bus Stop, and both the Series 1 and Series 2 versions can be purchased for around $150 USD or less. While the other Series (3-5) are a bit more expensive, owning any one of these collectibles is by far the cheapest way to flex a KAWS piece from the early days. 

Most Affordable KAWS Items - KAWS Mount Fuji Plush

KAWs Mount Fuji Plushes 

It’s rare that a recent KAWS release falls below its original retail price, but that’s exactly what happened with the blue and pink versions of the Mount Fuji Plush. Released in July of 2019, the Mount Fuji Plush dropped as a part of his HOLIDAY:JAPAN collection to much fanfare. Despite selling out quickly, these cute plush figures can be purchased for well under their original retail price of $181. This might be the only KAWS figure from recent years that you can get for under $200. 


Most Affordable KAWS Items - KAWS NGV Puzzle

KAWS x NGV Puzzles

KAWS prints are certainly not affordable, with prices ranging from a few thousand to over $20,000. Once completed, these KAWS Puzzles look beautiful framed, and can be had for a fraction of the cost of an official KAWS print. For under $100, these KAWS puzzles round out our list of most affordable KAWS items, and they’re available on StockX now.