Selling - July 12, 2021

The StockX Seller Program Is Here

We are excited to announce that on August 1, 2021, we will be launching the StockX Seller Program. The Seller Program will give sellers the opportunity to earn even lower fees than before, support the integrity of our marketplace, and improve the all around customer experience by leading to fewer flaked orders and quicker shipping times. 

Read on to learn about the details of this program and how you can earn even lower seller fees.


What Exactly Is Changing?

  1. Your Seller Level will be determined quarterly instead of annually, meaning more opportunities to lower your fees throughout the year. 
  2. There will be a 5th seller level (the highest level), giving our biggest sellers the opportunity to earn significantly lower selling fees.
  3. Base rates for all levels are increasing by 0.5%, although Level 4 and Level 5 sellers will have the opportunity to earn lower fees through performance-based Bonuses.

As a result of this program, our seller levels and associated seller fee structure will be changing. Your sales activity between April – July 2021 will determine your initial seller level and associated seller fee. These changes will be reflected on your account on August 1. 


Seller Level Structure

Your seller level is determined by your sales activity (number of sales OR the total value of sales in USD) on StockX. Activity resets at the end of each calendar quarter.
You must continue selling in order to maintain your Seller Level. For example, if you complete 20 sales in a given quarter, you will be in Seller Level 3 during the following quarter. However, if during that following quarter, you complete 0 sales, your Seller Level will revert back to Level 1 for the quarter after that. 
Note that you can level up at any point mid-quarter once you reach the sales requirements for the next level.


Earn Additional Discounts for Great Performance

Once you attain Level 4 status, sellers can qualify for an additional 2.0% off their fees through consistent performance that improves the experience for everyone on the StockX marketplace. The lowest possible seller fee that can be achieved is 6.5% for Level 4 sellers, and 6.0% for Level 5. 

Quick Ship Bonus

Ship 60%+ of sales in a given month within 36 hours of the sale and earn an additional 1.0% off seller fees for the next month.


Successful Ship Bonus

Ship at least 95% of sales in a given month on time to earn an additional 1.0% off seller fees for the next month.


For Level 4 and 5 sellers, Bonuses earned during the month of August will be applied to accounts starting in September.

To learn more about the details of this new program, visit our FAQs.