Tudor watches announced plans this week to add Lady Gaga to their small but growing roster of brand ambassadors under the “Born to Dare” campaign. This comes just months after enlisting soccer super star David Beckham to the same post as spokesman. The move continues Tudor’s expansion into US markets and should gain them exposure to an entirely new audience of Lady Gaga’s legions of little monsters. Here’s hoping that some of them take up more than a passing  interest in watches.

Tudor re-entered the US marketplace in 2013 after a 16 year hiatus. The brand has seen a resurgence in popularity thanks to watches from their Heritage family, such as the Black Bay, and their more accessible price points as compared to their parent manufacture, Rolex. Tudor has continued to rely on Heritage designs to gain market share in a highly competitive landscape of entry level luxury watches from established manufacturers and upstart boutique brands alike. In recent years, Tudor has introduced their own, in-house caliber within watches like the North Flag and Black Bay, alongside a chronograph caliber, which can be found in the new Black Bay Chronograph, which was developed in partnership with Breitling.  

The “Born to Dare” campaign, which is meant to “reflect both the history of the brand and what it stands for today”. Tudor watches have long been positioned as practical tool watches that empower their wearers to embark on new adventures and live outside of the status quo. Through that lens, it’s easy to see how Lady Gaga embodies the ethos of the campaign. How her followers will view the move remains to be seen.

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