August 2, 2022

The Spin 8-2-2022

Kevin Kosanovich

Kevin holds a Ph.D. in American studies and is an expert in American cultural history and hip-hop. He is the Senior Content Manager at StockX.

In honor of Beyoncé’s newest album, Renaissance, we look at the best Queen Bey has to offer on The Spin.

In honor of Beyoncé’s newest album, Renaissance, we look at the best Queen Bey has to offer on The Spin.

Beyoncé is never far from the cultural zeitgeist, but it’s been six years since the release of her last studio album, Lemonade. She’s been busy releasing the live album, Homecoming, dropping songs on soundtracks, and helming her IVY PARK adidas sublabel. But it’s her music and voice that continues to cement her star in the pop culture firmament. Welcome to the Beyoncé Renaissance. After damn near breaking the internet with the song of the summer (so far), “BREAK MY SOUL,” she’s released the presumptive AOTY, Renaissance. To celebrate the queen’s proper return, we’ve rounded up her music and music-related products, plus an all-Beyoncé The Spin Spotify playlist for this American icon. Welcome back to the Beyhive. 

Best New Music Releases

Beyoncé Renaissance Limited Edition 2XLP Vinyl Black

Last Friday, Beyoncé returned with her seventh album, Renaissance. And the six-year wait between studio albums was well worth it. Renaissance is the textbook definition of no skips. From start to finish, the album is a masterclass of music, history, culture, and pure dancefloor fun. It’s Queen Bey’s world, and we’re lucky to live here.  

Best Music Releases

Beyoncé Homecoming: The Live Album LP Vinyl

It’s been three years since Beyoncé released her Homecomingdocumentary and companion live album, and it remains a searing document of her musical genius. Now that her seventh album, Renaissance, is out, go ahead and pick up both albums and anything from her Ivy Park line to celebrate the return of the Queen. 

Beyoncé Lemonade 2XLP Vinyl Yellow

In a career of next-level achievements, Lemonade remains one of Beyoncé’s greatest successes. As an album, movie, and public statement of hurt and reconciliation, her sixth album is as close to perfect as albums ever get. Throw in the iconic album cover, and this album is a must for everyone’s LP collection.  

Beyoncé B’Day LP Vinyl

The release of Beyoncé’s second album, B’Day, coincided with her 25th birthday. The follow-up to her debut solo record, Dangerously in Love, would sell over 8 million copies worldwide. In addition to classic singles “Deja Vu,” “Ring the Alarm,” and “Get Me Bodied,” the album is considered the precursor to Bey’s “visual albums” – seven months after the album’s initial release, the B’Day Anthology Video Album was released featuring a music video of each of the album’s songs.  

Most Expensive Music Product

adidas Ivy Park Halls of Ivy Long Sequin Houndstooth Jacket Dark Blue / Wild Pine / Metallic Silver

Let’s face it. No one can rock a fit like Beyoncé. Thankfully, her adidas x IVY PARK sublabel is here to help us all channel some of her superstar vibes. The adidas x IVY PARK Hall of Ivy Long Sequin Houndstooth jacket is a perfect example of this, turning the traditional Houndstooth pattern to 11 with blue, green, and silver sequins. Although it now averages close to $400 a trade, it initially sold for $800 on StockX, making it the most expensive Beyoncé music product of all time.   

Most Popular Music Products

adidas Ultra Boost OG Beyoncé Ivy Park Hi Res Yellow

When it was first released for fall 2020, the adidas Ultra Boost OG Beyoncé IVY PARK Hi Res Yellow proved to be the perfect template to showcase what would become IVY PARK’s signature refinement of adidas staples. This neon Ultra Boost is updated with a black-tipped drawcord lacing system, braided heel tab, and gum outsole. Since its release, it has remained one of the most popular Beyoncé and IVY PARK products on StockX. 

adidas Super Sleek 72 Ivy Park Icy Park

The adidas x IVY PARK Super Sleek 72 Icy Park literally puts the Super Sleek silhouette on a platform. The elevated sneaker dropped as part of the third IVY PARK collection dubbed “ICY PARK,” which took its design cues from alpine winters. And just in case you need to bring an extra pair of sneakers on your next winter hike, the sneakers’ heels include a bungee loop to be attached to the carabiner of your choice.   

The Spin Spotify Playlist