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Hidden Gems 02-09-22

Elhadji Mare

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From Comme des Garçons PLAY to Jacquemus, check out the latest Hidden Gems found on StockX.

From Comme des Garçons PLAY to Jacquemus, check out the latest Hidden Gems found on StockX.

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This week, as we look through the catalog for Hidden Gems, we uncover pieces from the Japanese brand Comme des Garçons PLAY, statement bags from Jacquemus, and outdoor-ready gear from Salomon. Check out the rest of these items found on StockX, where they are always readily available and in supply.

Comme des Garçons PLAY Red Heart T-shirt

Since the 1980s, Comme des Garçons has expanded into a number of diffusion brands with various garments suited to fit everyone’s tastes. For more tailored, minimalist pieces, customers can turn to Comme des Garçons Shirt, but for those looking for something more “playful” (pun intended) and casual, shoppers can find that in Comme des Garçons PLAY. Many users on StockX are probably aware of Comme des Garçons through their ongoing partnership with Converse on the Chuck Taylor 70s silhouette. But StockX is home to an array of cut and sew items from the Japanese brand as well. Staple pieces like their Red Heart logo tee have just been added to our catalog. The famous bug-eyed heart, designed by Polish artist Filip Pagowski, is screen printed atop a custom-designed black tee made entirely in Japan, just like all of the other articles of clothing. If this tee doesn’t bring you joy, there is sure to be something from Comme des Garçons that will, such as their popular Striped Long Sleeve, collabs with Stüssy and The North Face, and other heart-filled graphic tees.

Bandai Gundam x Nike SB Unicorn Model Kit Action Figure Set

It’s not every day that Nike makes collectibles, but if any division of the brand were to make it happen, it would be Nike SB. Through their abundance of avant-garde designs and unorthodox concepts, Nike SB brings out the fun and ebullient side of the Swoosh, and that is apparent in their recent partnership with Bandai. Working on the famous Japanese military fiction show, Gundam, Nike paid homage to the series’ popular Mobile Gundam Suit through a collection of two SB Dunk Highs and two special edition figurines. The figurines from the collab feature two 1/144 Mobile Gundam Suits ready to be assembled and set into Destroy Mode, a term from the Gundam show that show the Gundam Suits prepared for action. Each kit features familiar graphics and insignias from the show with the addition of some Nike SB logos on each Suit. This collaboration has something that both fans of the show and avid collectors, either for collectibles or sneakers, can come to enjoy.

Salomon ACS PRO Advanced

Thanks to the public’s newfound appreciation for the outdoors, the gorpcore aesthetic is trending. And although the trend can still be considered a bit esoteric, it’s fairly easy to get into with the right brands. Thanks to StockX, it’s easier now than ever to find brands that fit within this space. So If you’re looking to join the gorpcore wave, brands like Salomon are a great place to start. Salomon makes footwear that arguably looks good on the trails and on the streets. The shoes perform the same functions of a proper hiking performance shoe while delivering a futuristic look that can be worn out casually. The Salomon ACS PRO Advanced, for example, provides stability for rugged terrain with a TPU caged upper and treaded outsole for grip, while sporting a chunky silhouette that is consistent with current footwear trends. But no need to just stop at the ACS Pro Advanced, StockX has other styles from Salomon that are sure to be appealing to most.

Jacquemus Le Grand Chiquito Bag

Parisian brand Jacquemus has been crafting luxury leather goods for over 13 years, but one could argue that it became even more popular during the micro-bag craze of 2019 and their La Montagne Le Chiquito clutch. Since then, Jacquemus has been seen on some of the most fashionable celebrities like Hailey Beiber and Bella Hadid to name a few, and their latest campaign with Bad Bunny. Since then, Jacquemus has continued pushing the limits of what constitutes as a reasonably sized handbag by expanding his line of small bags, with accessories like this Le Grand Chiquito bag. Although “Grand” is in the name, it can still be considered smaller than traditional handbags, as it clocks in at only 7 inches tall. But this small bag packs in an abundance of quality materials, such as handcrafted artisan black leather from France and Italy. The Jacquemus Le Grand Chiquito Bag is a statement piece that will bring attention to it whenever worn. 

MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation 2nd Edition Booster Box

Card games like Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering have dominated the trading card game scene for quite some time. But recently, it seems that a new competitor has been added to the deck in the form of artifacts and spellbooks. MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation is the latest TCG game that is attracting the attention of card collectors everywhere. MetaZoo has demonstrated that it has a promising future as PSA, one of the largest card authenticators in trading cards, notes the game’s enthusiastic fanbase, while viral Kickstarter campaigns have helped MetaZoo get its necessary funding off the ground. Further showing the strong support for the game is MetaZoo’s 1st Edition Booster Boxes instantly selling out in 2021 and reselling for close to $900 on StockX. But for those thinking that it’s too late to join in on the new game: don’t fret. This past December, MetaZoo dropped a 2nd Edition Booster Box set that includes cards with higher print runs, making it easier than ever to build up a deck and play at a more affordable price. Compared to the 1st Edition box that currently resells for $898, the MetaZoo TCG Cryptid Nation 2nd Edition Booster Box set can be purchased for only $87.