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Hidden Gems 06-01-22

Elhadji Mare

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Check out these Hidden Gems from New Balance, Aries, and more on StockX.

Check out these Hidden Gems from New Balance, Aries, and more on StockX.

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The gems are plentiful on StockX and are just waiting to be found. From New Balance to Nintendo, check out all of these Hidden Gems on StockX, where they’re always verified authentic.

New Balance 990v2 MiUSA Teddy Santis Sea Salt

Ever since Aimé Leon Dore founder Teddy Santis and New Balance started their partnership back in 2019, the two have consistently pumped out old-school trainers, sometimes in unexpected ways. Last week, ALD subscribers were suddenly granted the chance to get first dibs at a recent collab, the New Balance 990v2 Sea Salt. The sneaker features a Sea Salt colored upper with hits of grey suede and reflective accents throughout. A cream-colored midsole sits below the upper, adding a vintage look to these classic sneakers. For the unlucky who didn’t get a link in their inboxes or just simply missed the email, make sure to cop a pair on StockX where they’re available in every size.

Aries No Problemo T-shirt Orange

Living a problem-free lifestyle sounds like a dream, and dreams can come true when one speaks them into existence. Manifest a life without conflict with this tee from Aries. The basic orange tee has the phrase “No Problemo”, a common Spanish phrase that translates to “No Problem” (in case you didn’t know). Its distinct puff print is the only graphic present on the tee, letting people know to bring their problems somewhere else.

Hro Hybrid Trading Cards DC Unlock The Multiverse

The future of NFTs continues to develop with companies like Hro looking for niche opportunities to merge physical and digital goods together. Hro recently partnered with Warner Bros. to create officially licensed DC-Comics trading cards that come with a twin NFT, making them completely secure on the blockchain. Now, fans of the DC Universe can collect and trade their favorite heroes and villains through sets like this The Batman Mega Booster Box. Collectors can expect to find signature Batman characters like Bruce Wayne himself, the Joker, and other fan favorites. And when you’re on the go, make sure to download the Hro app to check out your NFT collection of cards.

Hot Wheels Gucci Cadillac Seville

Most people think of StockX as the home for sneakers, but we’re the Stock Market of Things, and some of those things just so happen to be Hot Wheels. Hot Wheels is experiencing a spike in popularity amongst hypebeast thanks to a few collaborations from familiar brands like Anti-Social Social Club, BAPE, and now Gucci. This Hot Wheels is the first collectible of its kind from Gucci, and is inspired by the Cadillac ‘Seville by Gucci, which was produced in the 1970s. The Hot Wheels Gucci Cadillac Seville boasts a die-cast metal body, rubber wheels, and a Gucci monogram print on the hood of the toy car.  Each car comes with its own Gucci display case making this 1 of 5,000 produced Hot Wheels cars worthy of being displayed on only the finest shelves.

Nintendo Switch Console Neon Red/Neon Blue

If you’re still looking to get in on all of the next-gen games from Nintendo, then there is no better time than now to buy a Nintendo Switch. Currently, the Nintendo Switch Series 2 is trading for below retail on StockX, making it an easier decision to secure one now. From its unique portable gaming functionality to its wide variety of popular franchise games to play, like Pokémon and Super Smash Brothers, getting a Switch is a must for any fan of gaming. And if the classic Red/Blue colorway isn’t your favorite, most of the other colors of the console are also trading below retail.