Rolex Explorer114270

Rolex Explorer 114270

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The Rolex Explorer ref. 114270 is proof-positive that Rolex is never satisfied with it's own design work and engineering, which is a terrific quality to have. Released in 2001 this watch is the update to the predecessor ref. 14270 and while the changes are incremental they are emblematic of Rolex's commitment to its timepieces and clients. This ref. 114270 sports the same 36mm steel case as the 14270 but it has been updated with solid end links (SEL), which are the first pieces of the steel bracelet that attach to the case, a flip-lock clasp to secure the bracelet, the in-house Rolex caliber 3130 automatic movement, and in a final bit of attention to detail Rolex henceforth removed the lug holes on the outside of the case, which make for a dressier piece. The Explorer line was launched in the second half of 1953 after a British beekeeper named Edmund Hillary (not yet knighted) and his climbing partner and Sherpa, Tenzing Norgay became the first men in history to successfully summit and descend from Mount Everest on May 29, 1953. Hillary and Norgay were unfazed by the achievement with a nonchalant Hillary remarking to fellow expedition member George Lowe, "Well George, we knocked the bastard off." That degree of self-awareness is aspirational and cool and it fits exactly with the Rolex sensibility that its timepieces are for professional use. While the Rolex that accompanied Hillary and Norgay to the summit doesn't aesthetically resemble the 114270 in any way, they are united in spirit.

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