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Skate Decks Palace

Palace skate decks have gained a dedicated following worldwide for their irreverent sense of humor, distinct aesthetic, and high-quality construction. Founded by Lev Tanju in 2009, the British skateboarding brand seeks to provide not only functional tools for skaters but also pieces of art that reflect the creativity of the Palace brand.

Palace skate decks are renowned for their eye-catching and often eccentric graphics. They incorporate a range of motifs, from abstract patterns to playful icons and modern typography. They are typically constructed from high-grade maple wood, which is known for its durability and pop, two crucial features for skateboarders looking to perform tricks.

Palace skate decks frequently releases pro-model designs, which are crafted in collaboration with professional skateboarders and other major brands. These decks often feature personalized images and unique characteristics. Take, for example, the The McDonald’s Deck, which was released as part of a limited edition collection of items created in partnership between the Palace and McDonald’s brands. It features the McDonald's logo and signature red coloration and originally could only be accessed with a unique code found in McNuggets packaging.

In addition to Palace skate decks, the brand is known for providing a wide range of skateboarding apparel that caters to both a skater and streetwear aesthetic. It is characterized by its unique designs, quality materials, and touch of British cheekiness, and pairs well with their iconic line of skateboards. Features like reinforced stitching, durable fabrics, and strategic paneling ensure that the clothing can withstand the rigors brought on by life on the board.

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Palace x Wedgwood Skateboard Deck Multicolor

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