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Women's Suicoke

Founded in 2006 by anonymous creative members, Suicokeis a Japanese brand which originally became well known for its small accessories, like “Matryoshka Dolls". Today, complete with a modern, fresh look, creative freedom of expression and new direction, Suicoke has made a name for itself with a line of performance sandals. They have even developed a cult-like following in Japan and all over the world.

Its sandals include such features as Vibram Morflex soles and footbed, adjustable straps, and more. Its founders have chosen to remain in anonymity and mystery, as they believe that “people should focus on the products, rather than the designers or founders." While originally intended for hiking and outdoor activities, these sandals have also become a fashion staple, and the success of the brand has been nothing short of incredible.

They have often been compared to and are sometimes known as “the fashion world’s contemporary— and Japanese— equivalent of Birkenstock." Suicoke has also had several partner collaborations with brands such as BEAMS, Rehacer, Norse Projects, Palm Angels, and more.

As you can probably guess, Suicoke has a wide array of sandals to choose from to fit nearly any style. Wear them with socks, or don’t, the choice is up to you (but make sure you put your best socks forward, no dirty or hole-y socks around here!) Check out this pair for hiking in the summer, or check out the winter and more casual versions as well. No matter the Suicokes you choose, you’re sure to make a statement during any time of year!

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Suicoke Dao A Bathing Ape Blue (Women's)

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