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Chrome Hearts is a US-based luxury label that is known for its craftsmanship with silver and gold. Since its founding in 1988, it was clear that there were no boundaries for what CH could create. 查看更多
Jewelry, leather goods, clothing, furniture, sunglasses, and even incense donning Chrome Hearts branding has been a testament to the brand's unlimited range. While the furniture and leather goods are extremely rare to find, products like Chrome Hearts hats have become the go-to product for Chrome fans. Chrome Hearts trucker caps are among some of the most popular. While most feature traditional CH branding, more limited edition models often tribute Chrome Hearts retail locations like Hollywood or Miami. Collaborators also have a history of choosing to work on the Chrome Hearts trucker cap. LA-based artist Matty Boy and Virgil Abloh are a few creatives who have added their spin to the trucker hat.