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With over a decade of experience under their belt, SCUF has solidified itself as one of the leaders in the competitive eSports realm, manufacturing controllers for competitive gamers in mind. 查看更多
SCUF controllers include paddles throughout the design, enabling custom button mapping for gamers, and ultimately improving reaction time. SCUF controllers are also designed to protect your hands from injury or discomfort, and regular PlayStation and Xbox controllers are designed with limited buttons and remapping settings. According to SCUF, the paddles on each controller keep your thumbs on the sticks, which preserves movement and reaction time in-game. For competitive and professional controller players, a few frames can make the decisive difference in a match. SCUF controllers also allow for customizable thumb sticks, varying in shape and length for your desired comfortability. Textured non-slip grips throughout the design keep your controller secure through countless hours of gaming. SCUF Controllers also feature adjustable hair triggers and removable trigger covers, allowing gamers to tune their desired button movements. With every SCUF Controller, gamers can expect comfortability and customization, optimized for your individual play style and needs. On StockX, all SCUF Controllers are brand new and certified authentic by our team of experts. Buy and Sell SCUF Controllers now on StockX.