How can I confirm the Seller has sent my item?


You'll know when the item has been dropped off by the Seller for delivery to StockX when you receive an email with the subject "Order Shipped To StockX". 


Additionally, as a Buyer, you are always able to check the status of an in-progress order by viewing your pending orders from the StockX Buying tab, which you can navigate to by clicking My Account > Buying. Generally, this information updates prior to receiving an email, so if you're eager, you're encouraged to monitor the status  of your purchase early and often.


Sellers typically have two business days to ship their item out from when your Bid matches their Ask or you choose to buy it at the lowest price. If more than five days have elapsed with no change in status and no shipping confirmation email has been received, StockX will reach out with more information or attempt to make alternative arrangements to get you your purchase.


What happens once the Seller ships their item?


Once your Seller has dropped their item off, it is delivered to a StockX Verification Center where our team will assess the item to ensure it passes StockX's standards for quality. Then (and only then) will the item be packaged for delivery to you.


For more information on verification, refer to StockX > About > Verification.

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