Trust The Process

Our global team of expert authenticators uses a rigorous, multi-step verification procedure that includes the following checkpoints:


We only allow deadstock on our marketplace. That means every item bought or sold must be brand new and never worn.


With checklists of 100+ data points, our authenticators are better equipped than anyone to ensure a product’s authenticity.


Equally important as the product itself, our team ensures packaging meets the highest quality standards to deliver a brand new product.




authenticating bag at data center


From the full list of accessories to all the additional add-ons, rest assured that your purchase on StockX will match any retail purchase experience.

Advanced Technology

We use machine learning to aid our authenticators in catching every minor detail.

Quality Assurance

A final check in our authentication practice, our QA experts ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Hear From Our Team

In a community filled with inauthentic items, I have the opportunity to protect our customers and their hard earned money.


Authenticator, Veldhoven

I have the privilege of teaching a new generation of authenticators, to help them succeed, and watch them grow. It’s fulfilling to see.


Authenticator, Tempe

I am the second set of eyes reviewing packages before they ship out to customers. I take pride and care in ensuring our customers have a perfect unboxing experience.


Quality Assurance, Detroit

I authenticate every item as if it was going to a collector. I have a skillset that not many people have, and it’s my responsibility to provide the best service possible.


Authenticator, Detroit

Committed to Quality

Over the years, our team members have authenticated tens of millions of products.

We’ve compiled data from every fake product in the history of StockX to build a comprehensive database of fake techniques around the world. Our database is updated daily and constantly serves to keep our team educated and up to date.

For more information on how we quantify our high standards and protect our customers, please read our report: Big Facts – Verified Authentic.


Behind The Scenes

Our authenticators share a deep love and knowledge for the products and culture around our marketplace.