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Founded in 2015, StockX is a Detroit-based e-commerce website for clothing resale, primarily focused on sneakers. The brand even beat out fellow competitor eBay in sneaker transactions in 2017. In 2020, StockX also expanded its inventory to include electronic goods and products, such as smartphones, computers, and game consoles.

In addition to sneakers and electronics, StockX also has a large array of luxury watches, handbags, perfumes, apparel, and other accessories to name a few. Josh Luber, one of the company founders, previously founded Campless, which was a predecessor to StockX, in 2012. Following a model similar to eBay, Poshmark, and the like, StockX serves as a facilitator of auctions between buyers and sellers in its online marketplace.

StockX even goes as far as to authenticate items (all sales are sent to StockX for authentication and verification before being shipped to the seller) and refunds buyers who unknowingly purchase counterfeit or “fake" goods. Following a stock market model, StockX’s marketplace lets you buy and sell items at their true market value. No getting ripped off here, you can buy with confidence.

In addition to selling brands from all over the world (with worldwide shipping), StockX also has its own unique brand of merchandise. Want to show off your love of sneakers, but on your shirt? Check out this white bully tee, which features a pair of white and green sneaks on the back. Want something a little warmer for those cold winter months? No worries, switch that white tee for a black hoodie with this similar design.





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Represent x StockX Bully Tee (Edition of 300) Flat White

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