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Our mission is to provide access to the world’s most coveted items in the smartest way possible. Buy and sell the hottest sneakers, apparel, electronics, collectibles, trading cards and accessories.
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StockX Verified

Every item sold goes through our proprietary multi-step verification process with our team of verification experts.

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Transparent Pricing

Our real-time marketplace works just like the stock market –  allowing you to buy and sell the most coveted items at their true market price.

Global Access

Whether it’s pre-release, regionally limited, or “sold out” – our millions of customers from over 200 countries allow you to easily secure those hard-to-find, coveted items.


No chargebacks, no taking photos, no writing catchy descriptions, and no dealing with rogue buyers or sellers. We handle everything to make sure you can buy and sell with confidence.


Preserving the integrity of our marketplace means staying a step ahead. Our security and fraud systems, powered by our world class partners, have your personal information covered 24/7.

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Here For You

Thanks to our Help Center, Chatbot, and dedicated global-support staff, you can be sure that we are always available to answer any and every question regarding our marketplace.



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Buying On StockX

We don’t determine the price, you do. As a live marketplace, StockX empowers you to Bid and Buy at real-time prices that reflect the current demand.
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Selling on StockX

Whether you’re looking to make quick cash or start a reselling business, we have the tools to help you succeed.
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What People Have to Say About StockX

Don’t remember being this Happy
Thanks Folded hands Stockx #GotItOnStockX


So dope. Copped under retail and got them in 3 days! #GotItOnStockX


Little guy is so stoked for his first pair of Yeezy’s #gotitonstockx



How does StockX Work?

StockX is a marketplace where Buyers and Sellers can make anonymous offers on a wide variety of shoes, streetwear, electronics and collectibles. As a live marketplace, StockX empowers Buyers to Bid and Buy at real-time prices that reflect the current demand. This can be done in three easy steps:

1. Bid or Buy
2. We Verify
3. We Ship to You

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How does bidding work on StockX?

Placing a Bid will allow you to set how much you'd like to pay for an item, from a minimum of $15. If you have the highest bid price for an item on the site, it will be up to a Seller to determine if they are interested in meeting you at your offer.

You can also immediately purchases your item from the Seller with the lowest Ask by clicking 'Buy Now' —if you like the current price of an item with respect to the size you’re trying to purchase, this is the easiest way to lock in with a Seller and make sure it doesn't slip through your fingers.

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What does Deadstock mean?

Shoes sold on StockX are considered "deadstock," which means that they're verified, new, and unworn at the time of sale.

Deadstock sneakers are also sold with the original box including the box lid and the box label indicating the shoe size, as would be acceptable for sale at a retail location. “Deadstock” sneakers also may or may not include additional accessories (such as laces) that were included in the original packaging at purchase.

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How do I pay for an item on StockX?

Buyers can pay with all major credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, Alipay, Sofort, or iDEAL payment. The credit cards we accept are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, UnionPay, and Discover. We accept debit and gift cards with major card brand logos.

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Can I cancel my order?

Once a sale has occurred, your Ask or Bid cannot be cancelled. This policy is in place to maintain marketplace integrity, as we need to ensure every Bid and Ask is real, active, and dependable.

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How do I contact customer service and when can I expect to hear back?

While most of your questions can be answered in our Help Center, we do have a team dedicated to helping you with your recent purchase or sale. You can connect with us on our contact us page or via Chat.

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