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Javier Calleja

The Javier Calleja collection features an array of unique collectibles by the Spanish artist, often in collaboration with iconic names in art, fashion, and entertainment. These toys, collectibles, and artwork feature the signature images the world has come to associate with Javier Calleja—the squat head with huge and innocent eyes, often with a glistening sparkle.

Some of the products featured on the Javier Calleja line are soft vinyl figures, including the iconic Mr. Gunter Cat Figure. When it comes to home decor, Javier Calleja offers Pot Pop Top planters and flower vases in different colorways and shapes. Knit keyrings and colorful scarves are also available. In sporting equipment, you can find basketballs as well as bats that look something like ping pong paddles. As for the artwork, the Javier Calleja features posters and sculptures. Each item is iconic and recognizably Javier Calleja.

On the Javier Calleja line, you can find powerhouse collaborations with giants in the worlds of entertainment, fashion, and art. Javier Calleja collaborations with Disney result in soft vinyl Mickey Mouse figures as well as artwork featuring the world-famous cartoon character rendered in the signature Javier Calleja style. Javier Calleja’s style combined with the high-end, colorful, happy fashion of Mira Makati resulted in this collection’s colorful basketballs, bats, and keyrings. In collaboration with the art platform Dio Horia, Javier Calleja created scarves of different designs. These and other Javier Calleja collaborations result in signature items in the worlds of art, fashion, and entertainment.

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Javier Calleja Parco Hooks Heads (Ver. 1) Set of 5

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