Action Figures Pokemon

The action figures Pokémon collection introduces the Gachapon figures, which are articulated figurines with a high level of detail, similar to the Pose Figures, but scaled down to fit within capsules.

The action figures Pokémon collection features important characters from the first series of the Pokémon anime, including Ash, Brock, and Misty, as well as Jessie and James from Team Rocket. These figures bore a stunning likeness to their anime counterparts.

The action figures Pokémon collection features the Wicked Cool Toys Pokémon Battle Figure Multi-Park. This Mega Battle Pack is the ideal present for Pokémon enthusiasts of all ages. It includes five 2-inch figures and two 3-inch figures: 2-inch Pikachu, 2-inch Bulbasaur, 2-inch Squirtle, 2-inch Charmander, 2-inch Meowth, 3-inch Loudred, and 3-inch Psyduck. Each figurine is intricately rendered. The action figures Pokémon collection also features the Torchic and Treecko figures, a constructible environment with a tree-toppling fight effect, and battle moves that are initiated by hand for a dynamic action sequence. Bricks are compatible with all Mega Construx construction sets and other major brands.

The action figures Pokémon collection features Brock's figure alongside Ash and Misty's as featured in the anime for the Johto Journeys series. Each figure is packaged with a detachable plastic backpack and a Pokeball. Each figure is also matched with one of the anime trainer's Pokémon, with Ash coupled with Pikachu, Brock paired with Zubat, and Misty paired with Horsea. You can go through our StockX collections to discover more action figures and all kinds of collectibles.


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