Girls Don't Cry

Girls Don’t Cry is a popular Japanese streetwear and apparel brand widely known for its distinct designs. Founded by Japanese artist and designer Verdy, the Girls Don't Cry apparel brand name was coined with a desire to challenge societal norms and promote a message of strength and resilience. Verdy seeks to empower individuals, regardless of gender, to embrace their emotions and express themselves authentically. The brand encourages you to be true to your feelings, emphasizing that there is no shame or weakness in expressing emotions openly.

The majority of the designs on the Girls Don't Cryline highlight audacious and eye-catching graphics, with the logo plastered in bold font making them a stand-out feature on the apparel collections. These collections feature a range of items that include clothing such as t-shirts, jumpers, hoodies, and sweatshirts as well as accessories like tote bags, socks, and caps among others. With their collections, the brand has been able to bridge the gap between streetwear, fashion, and art, making them one of the most notable names not only in Japanese street culture, but potentially the whole world.

Girls Don’t Cry has been a part of big-name collaborations within the fashion industry with renowned brands such as Human Made, Nike and Converse releasing collaborative limited-edition pieces that have helped elevate the brand’s status to a higher level within the streetwear community. A good example is the Human Made x GDC White Day T-Shirt. Girls Don’t Cry apparel has evolved to become more than just a streetwear or fashion brand, it can be regarded as a cultural movement that celebrates individuality, artistic expression, and breaking societal norms through fashion.





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Girls Don't Cry GDC Logo Tee White/Red

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