Rolex Oyster-Perpetual

The Rolex Oyster-Perpetual is a lineup of timepieces from the Swiss-based watch manufacturer Rolex. The Oyster Perpetual combines two of Rolex’s technological watchmaking breakthroughs: “Oyster,” the first dustproof and waterproof case made by the company, and “Perpetual,” the first automatically self-winding mechanical movements in Rolex watches. This timepiece lineup is available in different sizes and dial shades.

The Rolex Oyster-Perpetual features a hermetically-sealed Oyster case, which is water-resistant and self-winding Perpetual movement. Timepieces in this collection are entirely crafted from stainless steel and fitted with Oyster bracelets and matching smooth bezels, which are also crafted from stainless steel. They are available in different sizes, including 28mm, 31mm, 34mm, 36mm, and 41mm, with a dateless display dial in various colors. The different dial shades to choose from in this timepiece selection include Silver, Red, Black, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Grape.

Oyster Perpetual watches feature self-winding mechanical movements characterized by calibers that automatically wind themselves through a swinging weight rotating with your wrist’s natural motion. They are powered by different movements depending on the size of the watch. The 36mm and 41mm models are powered by the Caliber 3230 movement, while the 28mm, 31mm, and 34mm models are powered by Caliber 2232. Both movements offer a similar timekeeping performance in the Oyster Perpetual watches matching Rolex's 'Superlative Chronometer' standards while providing a four-second accuracy window. The Oyster-Perpetual 124300 is one of the 41mm models in the collection. Rounding out the design of this Rolex watch selection is a snap-fit clasp for a secure, comfortable fit and quick and easy fastening.





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Rolex Oyster-Perpetual 124300

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