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Prada Symbole Sunglasses Black (SPR17W_E1AB_F05S0_C_049) 0

Prada Symbole SunglassesBlack (SPR17W_E1AB_F05S0_C_049)

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Black (SPR17W_E1AB_F05S0_C_049)





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The Prada Symbole Sunglasses Black (SPR17W_E1AB_F05S0_C_049) are a stylish and contemporary eyewear option that embodies the brand's commitment to innovation and luxury.

These Prada sunglasses make a bold fashion statement while providing excellent sun protection with their sleek design and careful attention to detail. Their frame is crafted from high-quality acetate, a durable and lightweight material that ensures comfort and longevity. Their dark gray lenses are carefully selected to provide 100% UV protection, shielding the eyes from harmful sun rays while maintaining optical clarity. A black colorway gives the sunglasses a classic and versatile nature, making them suitable for any number of occasions. This accessory comes in a universal fit.

What our experts agree is the standout feature of the Prada Symbole Sunglasses Black (SPR17W_E1AB_F05S0_C_049) is the symmetrical metal detailing on the temples, which showcases the iconic Prada logo. These sunglasses originally retailed with a price tag of $520.

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