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Featuring teams and players from different seasons of the NFL, the football cards range offers collectors a selection of trading cards that showcase the sport's rich history, talent, and iconic moments. Whether you're a dedicated collector or a passionate fan, these cards serve as a tangible connection to the excitement and legacy of the NFL.

Collectibles in this range feature football cards in different box sets. Each box comes with several packs containing a certain number of cards. For instance, the 2021 Panini Prizm Football Blaster Box (Lazer Prizms), available in 1 box, has 6 packs with 4 cards each. Some offerings feature a set of up to 10 boxes, like the 2021 Panini Prizm Football Blaster Box (Disco Prizms) 10x Lot. Some collectible cards come in packs without boxes. Look for rare inserts featuring the NFL’s top Rookies for the specific seasons, colored parallels, autographed cards, and limited-edition releases.

The football cards collectibles come in different types of boxes, including mega boxes, hanger boxes, hobby boxes, and booster boxes. Those sold in packs come in various types, including standard, mega, hobby, hanger, and blaster packs. This selection includes football cards from different manufacturers, including Panini and Fleer. Panini has the most cards in the selection from different lines, including Prizm, Select, Mosaic, Chronicles, and Optic. Fleer cards feature a unique blend of vintage charm, with cards of iconic players like Tom Brady or historical moments from past seasons.

Football cards can be paired with other collectibles or memorabilia, such as display cases, action figures, and paintings, to create a themed collection or display.

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2023 Panini Donruss Optic Football Mega Box (Green Hyper Parallels)

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