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LEGO, one of the most iconic toy brands, has raised generations with its building interlocking plastic bricks. Ole Kirk Christiansen started the toy-building empire in 1932, and it has its headquarters in Denmark.

The LEGO collection offers a wide variety of toys, including sets, themes, and collections, ranging from classic themes like the classicLEGO City. These sets include buildable structures, vehicles, and even characters inspired by popular movies, TV shows, and characters. One of the things that makes LEGO so loved among kids of all ages is the fact that the possibilities are nearly endless. Whether you're interested in building a replica of your favorite movie scene or a towering castle fit for a king, you can find a LEGO set that allows you to express your creativity.

Apart from sets, the LEGO collection consists of individual bricks, plates, slopes, and other pieces, available in a range of colors and sizes, which can be used to build virtually anything imaginable. A good example is the LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron Set 42083 which replicates real-life machines and vehicles. These pieces can be connected in different ways, like using the studs on top of the bricks that fit into the receiving holes on the bottom of other bricks.

In addition to the iconic LEGO sets, the brand has also released many collectibles. LEGO also works well with other products in the toy and hobby category. For example, there are many LEGO video games that feature the well-loved bricks and characters. Additionally, the brand has a line of books and magazines for those who want to learn more about building and creating with the bricks.

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