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Pokémon gained its popularity in the late 1990s with its video game series and trading card mania. In addition to playing on Nintendo consoles, you can also play games from this series on your phone or computer. It was first introduced in Japan and later to the United States and other countries. In addition to gaming, the character has been the star of several movies and tv broadcasts. Who are these creatures? Pokémon are fictional characters that live in the Pokémon world, but have friendships with humans. Some of the human characters in the series include Ash, Dawn, and Misty.

Whether you’re a gamer or a pop culture fan, Pokémon memorabilia is worth collecting. Items from this collection, especially the plush toys, make great gifts for people of all ages. Some favorites include the adorable sleeping Pokémon such as Cubone and Pokemon Center Sleeping Espeon Poké Plush 17.5 IN. If you're a fan of Pikachu, you can find plush Pikachu dressed in different outfits and costumes to celebrate various occasions.

If you collect trinkets, you'll appreciate the wide selection of novelty items in the Pokémon collection. There are keychains, tiny figurines, fountain pens, like the Pilot x Pokemon: Pikachu Sterling Fountain Pen, and even silverware that you can buy and add to your collection.

Pokémon trading cards are a favorite with collectors. It can be lots of fun and rewarding to search for and find the exact card you want. Shop here for the hottest trading cards in this series, such as the 25th Anniversary Celebrations or the Pokémon TCG Van Gogh collection.

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Pokemon Center x Van Gogh Museum: Pikachu Inspired by Self-Portrait with Grey Felt Hat Canvas Wall Art

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