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Apple iPad 10.2" 9th Gen Wifi (US) Space Gray

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Before the iPad, Apple developed a prototype touch screen tablet-like device dubbed the Newton MessagePad. Released in 1993, the MessagePad was conceptually ahead of its time, but the technology available in the late 20th century wasn’t powerful enough to translate those ideas into a fully functional touchscreen tablet. Two decades later the Newton MessagePad lives on through Apple’s innovative and multi-use tablets we all know as the iPad. The first iPad was announced in 2010, running the latest version of iOS at the time. While first viewed widely to the public as a larger media consumption device, generations of iPads have since proved that Apple could push the threshold on what a tablet is capable of performing. Today iPads come in varying shapes and sizes depending on user needs. Apple’s crown jewel tablet, the Apple iPad Pro, can arguably be utilized as a personal computer. The iPad pro features Apple’s powerful M1 chip (also found in MacBooks) and Liquid Retina display, perfect for artists, content creators, and media professionals. All Apple iPads can be attached to the Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard, transforming the device from a tablet to a semi-functional laptop (running iOS, not Mac OS). If you’re on a budget or don’t need the power of the Pro, the iPad Air, iPad, and iPad mini feature Apple’s A-series bionic chips, ready to tackle your day-to-day tasks in a smaller package. The overarching ethos of the Apple iPad is diversity — utilized by parents to entertain their kids, students, artists, content creators, teachers, and more. All iPad models on StockX — new generations and past releases — are brand new, unopened, and certified authentic, so buyers can shop with confidence.