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DropX™ is a special platform that is offered by StockX to artists, designers, collectors, and brands who want to sell an exclusive item online. This could be a toy, art print, clothing, or something as unique as a vinyl album. This successful marketing strategy allows the seller to reach a large and diverse audience. They can sell their items at a certain price or accept bids. Oftentimes, this is a product that is offered in limited quantities or for a limited time, making it a hot item.

One division of this platform is the DropX™ StockX Exclusives Electronics. Products sold here include various items to make it easier to enjoy modern technology like computers, smartphones, or gaming. One example is a gaming headset presented by JBL. This headset is one of its 100 Thieves limited-edition designs, which has received high praise from gamers for its quality, comfort, and stability.

You can further enhance your gaming experience with other products from DropX™ StockX Exclusives Electronics. Purchase the Higround Graffiti Keyboard to give your computer a cool look and feel. This keyboard is both fast and durable.

In addition to the Higround keyboard at DropX™ StockX Exclusives Electronics, there are numerous other mechanical keyboards that you can buy to make gaming more fun and comfortable. Higround Electronics has an array of stylish keyboard designs to choose from. This includes a themed Jujutsu Kaisen keyboard (a character from the Manga series) and a themed Gundam Wings keyboard, which celebrates Gundam, a giant humanoid robot.


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DropX™ Exclusive: JBL x 100 Thieves Quantum ONE Gaming Headset

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