StockX Vault NFT Supreme Burberry Skateboard Deck Pink

A StockX token representing ownership of a skateboard deck.

StockX Vault NFT Supreme Burberry Skateboard Deck Pink Vaulted Goods
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This StockX Vault NFT represents and tracks proof of ownership of the actual skateboard deck stored within our StockX Vault, which has been verified via StockX's authentication process.

You can now own Burberry's iconic plaid pattern in skate deck form. The Supreme Burberry Skateboard Deck Pink released in mid-March during Supreme's Spring/Summer 2022 season, as a part of the larger Supreme x Burberry collaboration. The collection included dozens of apparel pieces and accessories, with seemingly something for everyone. This particular deck retail for $68, which was a steal considering the two heavyweight brands that collaborated for it.

For storing this skateboard deck with StockX Vault, you may be granted exclusive access to StockX benefits.

To see this NFT on the blockchain, click here. You can learn more about NFTs on StockX here.

The Fine Print:
- The Vault NFT is not affiliated or associated with, sponsored by, or officially connected to any third-party brand or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates. Any third-party brand name(s), use and trademark(s) used in the Vault NFT are all the property of the applicable third-party brand owner and are used in the Vault NFT solely to refer to the collectible to which the Vault NFT corresponds.
- If the physical item associated with this Vault NFT is redeemed by the owner, it is removed from the StockX Vault and shipped to the owner. StockX will then remove the Vault NFT from the owner's Portfolio and from circulation (i.e., "burn" the Vault NFT). Owners can request to withdraw the physical item from the StockX Vault by filling out the Vault Redemption Form, which can be found here.
- Minted on Ethereum blockchain.