Goyard Anjou

The Goyard's line Anjou is the expert in tote bags. Most of the bags produced by Goyard Anjou averagely measure 13.3 inches long, 7.87 inches wide, and 15.7 inches high and comes with a detachable leather pouch. The drop of the shoulder strap is about 8.2 inches. Some of them, although it resembles leather in appearance, the Goyardine is composed of natural coated cloth manufactured by combining cotton and linen to form the recognizable canvas fabric. The brand features different shapes and sizes, from a small tote bag, to a larger one, ideal for the regular shopping marathons. The Goyard Anjou Tote GM is one of the larger models. This Goyard Anjou collection comes in a multitude of colors, so you can mix and match in endless ways. You’re sure to find black, navy blue, grey, as well as white colored bags of this collection. These bags are crafted of leather and lined with goyardine. They are reversible and feature two different looks and styles. If you are a fan of a smaller bag, then check out the The Goyard Anjou Tote Mini. This model comes as well in a ton of colors, from the classic black and subtle earth tones, to fun, bold colors, like bright orange, green and blue. No matter which model or size you choose, keep in mind that each Goyard Anjou bag, comes with a matching wallet, that compliments the color of the bag, but it is not the same. The wallet can be strapped to the bag, so you will make sure to keep it close.





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Goyard Anjou Tote Mini Black

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