LEGO Super Mario

LEGO Super Mario features LEGO construction sets that feature the LEGO theme Super Mario, which Lego licensed from Nintendo. These construction sets are a unique combination of a video game and a LEGO set. The construction sets allow users to build real-life versions of the different two-dimensional Super Mario levels from the video game, including Bowser's Castle, deserts, and grasslands. The extra-large Super Mario figurine is electronic, with LED displays in the eyes, mouth, and chest. These, along with a scanner at the bottom of the figurine and Bluetooth connectivity, make the Super Mario figure interactive, thus allowing you to actually “play” with the LEGO set, in imitation of the Super Mario video game.

The LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Mario set is the starter course set that contains the oversized, interactive Super Mario figure. This starter course also includes renowned Super Mario enemies Bowser Jr. and Goomba.

Many of the other sets available on LEGO Super Mario are expansion sets that allow the user to build different scenes from the video game. Some of these include Toad’s Treasure Hunt expansion set, Mario's House and Yoshi expansion set, and Piranha Plant Power Slide expansion set.

Power-Up Pack sets are another type of set available on LEGO Super Mario. These Power-Up pack sets provide costumes for the Super Mario figurine that give it special abilities. Some of these abilities include stomping the ground to collect coins, flying, and climbing walls.

Different sets in this theme include figurines of different characters, many of them Super Mario’s enemies.


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