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The Beyonce merch was made available for everyone by the singer. The merch is an inspiration by her album” the Rennaisance,” from hoodies, sweatshirts, and t-shirts to even pajamas. The vinyl art in some of these merchandise portrays Bey on the horse that resembles Patronus, just like the official album cover, but the horse is depicted in a Renaissance-era horse picture in the backdrop, and the vocalist is clad in a silver costume that covers her up more than the original as shown in the Renaissance Hoodie in black. From this collection, the singer also added merch inspired by the track list from the album, like the Thique Track T-shirt. The t-shirt is constructed from cotton material featuring a crewneck. The t-shirt depicts the singer’s graphic image on its chest in an illuminated graphic, wearing nothing but a leather swimsuit. On the t-shirt’s back, there is a “Thique” writing on the right while number #12 adorns the left side, with a single needle bottom hem. Additionally, the Beyonce merch includes long-sleeve tees. These long-sleeve tees are also constructed from cotton fabric. They feature a crewneck with a few graphics on it, giving it its overall appearance. For instance, BIK Silver Tee, which has ribbed cuffs and hems. It features a silver Black is King logo on its right chest, while its back has the singer’s picture wearing a silver costume. Black is King emblems are portrayed in huge graphics throughout the picture. The merch also has the release dates printed on it, while the back label has the artist's name printed on it.





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Beyonce Renaissance Hoodie Black

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