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Since its inception in the 19th century, Goyard has created a plethora of luxury goods ranging from luggage, bags, wallets, and more. Buy and Sell Goyard now on StockX.





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Goyard Jouvence Toiletry Bag MM Gray

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You can trace Goyard's history all the way back to 1792 when Pierre-François Martin launched the "House of Martin." Goyard started out as a luggage company that sold boxes and trunks to the wealthy elite. To support his business, Martin opened a store in Paris that still exists today. Over the years, the business changed hands until François Goyard took over in 1845. He renamed the company to "Goyard" and opened a workshop so the company would have full control over the manufacturing process. His son furthered the brand by marketing its products and developing the now-iconic Goyard print. In the decades that followed, Goyard sold merchandise to prestigious clients like Pablo Picasso, Estée Lauder and John D. Rockefeller. Today, Goyard sells modern products like purses, wallets and card cases, each emblazoned with the classic Goyard print. Unlike other fashion companies, Goyard doesn't change its products with every season. Instead, Goyard focuses on producing high-quality merchandise that's meant to last for years to come.